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Is it normal to have cramps after a miscarriage?

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Cramps are contractions of the uterus. They can be a normal part of a spontanious or induced miscarriage. However, it is important to have follow up doctor care after a miscarriage to make sure all the tissue is expelled.

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I'm having a little cramping after having a miscarriage should I go to a hospital?

Only if they are very bad. Cramps after/during a miscarriage are normal

Is bleeding a sign of miscarriage?

It can be a sign of a miscarriage or it can just be "normal" bleeding. If you are bleeding, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. With a miscarriage the bleeding is usually "chunky" and you have cramps, but not always. It could be a sign of miscarriage if its heavy bleeding like a period i had a miscarriage 2 months ago and mine started out with mild cramps then i started to sopt brown and then i was bleeding like a normal period and a few hours later the cramps got really bad talk to your doctor about this. Dont worry to much over it some women do spot when they are pregnant. Good Luck!

What are symptoms after a miscarriage?

When miscarriage cramps and such as stomach pain is a symptom of misscarige

Could a woman be pregnant if she expierences bleeding and severe cramps not like normal period cramps?

Yes she can be pregnant, and if she is pregnant and is bleeding she is at risk of a miscarriage, and should see a doctor immediately.

Can you have a miscarriage if there is bleeding but no cramps or pain?


Can you have a miscarriage without cramps?

Yes. The fetus can die and there wont be any cramps for a couple of weeks.

Is pain and cramps a signs of miscarriage?

No, if you are bleeding then yes.

Are miscarriages always really painful?

No. My wife had a miscarriage and she said it was just like having a very heavy period with more than normal cramps.

How is tissue removed when you have a miscarriage?

By the cramps or by a D&C by a doctor.

Will Melanie on Days of Our Lives have a miscarriage?

Yes she does have a miscarriage. She goes into the hospital with cramps, soon to find out she had a miscarriage. Both Phillip and Nathan are concerned for Melanie.

Is it normal to have your period without cramps?

Of course it's normal. It's also normal to have cramps.

How can you mistake a miscarriage for a period?

if it were early in the pregnancy, it would seem like a really heavy period. bad cramps, blood and clots. a miscarriage later in pregnancy would have a lot of blood and tissue that is not normal for a period, and the cramps would probably be a lot worse. I've wondered if I've ever had a miscarriage and didn't know, if it happened close to the time of a regular period I wouldn't know.

When you have a miscarriage do you suffer with cramps?

yes, cramps and some bleeding, also some light nausea in some women

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

How do you know you miscarriage a baby?

Bleeding heavily, your pee can go from a darker yellow to a lighter yellow, random cramps. The cramps can be identified as menstrual cramps but some sharp pains.

Is slight cramps normal in early pregnancy?

Yes it is very normal 4 out of 5 people get cramps in early pregnancy and may have extreme cramps.

How do you tell if you have a miscarriage after your tubes being tied?

You will have normal miscarriage symptoms.

What can you do for a female dog with cramps?

See your vet. It is not normal for dogs to get menstrual cramps that interfere with normal activities.

Does having bad cramps to were it makes you cry a sign of a miscarriage?

Possibly but unlikely, It depends were your cramps are and howoften you have them. I advice you to see your doctor for this problem.

If your period came on time and it's the normal flow but you have no cramps is that normal?

Yes and be thankful that you don't have cramps. Lucky you.

Can physical activity cause a miscarriage?

No, normal physical activity does not cause miscarriage.

Could you be pregnant again if you had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago but you have been going to the bathroom every hour and have had slight cramps and headaches are very tired with some mood swings?

I had a miscarriage and 5 weeks later gotpregnant and have all the symptoms you are talking about and my doctor says all the symptoms are very normal even the cramps so yes you could be pregnant Have you had your first period since your miscarriage yet? I had a miscarriage and my doctor said I would continue having pregnancy symptoms (even though you've already miscarried) until you have your next cycle.

Are bleeding cramps mucus signs of a miscarriage?

While bleeding by itself is not a sure sign of miscarriage, it is quite likely when combined with cramps that are similar to period pains or mild labor. An ultrasound is the best way to be absolutely sure, combined with a blood test.

Is depression after a miscarriage normal?


Can no cramps before your period means you are pregnant?

No, not having cramps is normal and lucky. If your haveing a normal flow you aren't pregnant.