Spotting While Pregnant

Is it normal to have dark brown bleeding during the eleventh week of pregnancy?



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Hi.I don't know if you have had your situation checked out,but I think you should deff.see a dr.but from what Ive heard spotting reddish,or even a light period like,with brownish in it is sometimes normal,some may do this throughout their whole pregnancy,my mother had bledding throughout both pregnancies with my brother and I!I know some say you cannot have a actual period during pregnancy that it stops right when you get pregnant,they now call it something different(the bleeding that it)my mom went through it and I am 9 weeks along and spotting and everything is ok,I even had a light bleeding for five days after I was already pregnant,some woman are just different,but I wouldn't take anyones answers on here for sure without seeing your dr.only your dr can let you know for sure with tests and ultra sounds,good luck with everything and may God watch over u and your baby:)take care