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Yes, sometimes. It can vary from almost water to thick with lumps. Diet, exercise, time between ejaculations can all cause it to change. It's nothing to worry about.

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Sometimes. It will vary from practically water to thick with chunks. Diet, health, excersise, medication, nothing to worry about.

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No, I have never seen that once in my life.

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Q: Is it normal to have jelly like clumps in your semen?
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What is rice like jelly in semen?


Is it normal for your semen to stink?

Like what?

Why is your semen jelly like?

Gray semen is within the range of normal semen colour. However, yellowish semen with jelly-like particles present would indicate serious issues. Consult a doctor, you could be in a very bad situation.

Why does your semen look like jell?

This is completely normal. It is due to the protective mechanisms of the dynamics of semen - sperm.

What should normal semen look like?

white and thick

What does come look like?

Most semen is white in color, but grey or even yellowish semen can be normal as well. Blood in the semen can cause a pink or reddish color

Is it normal to have a period with lumpy jelly like bits of blood coming out in clumps?

Yes, many women deal with that and everyones flow is different. Yes every woman goes through this we all hav different periods some heavy & with these lump's that are jsut clot's that dont do you any harm.

Is it normal for a 13 year old to eat his semen?

Many guys like to taste and eat their own semen. There's nothing abnormal about it and its not bad for you.

What happen when boy drink his semen?

The semen is digested and removed from the body like normal food. semen actually has iron and other minerals and vitamins that prevent tooth decay by up to .56%! In a sense, its like eating non-harmful, bad- tasting toothpaste.

What is cocci bacteria shaped like?

sometimes clumps Cocci bacteria is spherical, but yes sometimes it is in clumps.

Is it normal if a 15 year old's semen isn't thick or white and looks like pee?

no mate its pee

Is it normal to see what looks like semen in the toilet bowl after peeing and pooing only in the morning hours?

Only if you are a guy.