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Yes, some people continue to fully menstruate during pregnancy.

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Q: Is it normal to have several pregnancy symptoms but also have a light flow of a brownish colored liquid?
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If you have no symptoms and you have gotten your period several times what are the chances of pregnancy?

not very likely

What are symptoms of heat exaustion?

There are several symptoms of heat exhaustion. The most common of them are fatigue, confusion, headache, nausea, dark colored urine and dizziness.

What are the sign of a day old pregnancy?

There are no signs of a one day pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms are caused by hormonal changes and increases in hormones. It takes several days minimum for hormones to change enough to cause any symptoms or signs.

How early can you have pregnancy symptoms in your cycle?

You can start to get symptoms as soon as the egg implants usually 8-10 dpo, but don't worry if you don't some people don't get symptoms for several weeks.

Are the symptoms of early pregnancy the same with the symptoms when you are expecting your monthly period?

Yes this can happen your upcoming period can feel like early pregnancy, your stomach can become hard, upset, cramped, ect. Early pregnancy will very rarely be noticed until you miss you period. But this question is tricky because these symptoms can be several different things.

Can the depo shot cause pregnancy symptoms-?

The Depo anti pregnancy shot may cause several pregnancy symptoms. One of these is a lightened or completely removed menstrual cycle, this is because Depo tricks the body into believing it's already pregnant. A pregnancy test should be done to make sure, however.

Where can you go online to discuss your pregnancy symptoms?

You can go online any time to discuss your pregnancy symptoms with pregnant women. There a several very good, well known websites on the internet that offer advice, support and friendship for pregnant women.

Will a pregnancy test be accurate a week after conception if you have been having early pregnancy symptoms?

Pregnancy symptoms will vary from one woman to another… in fact, they can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy in the same woman. All early symptoms can possibly be signs of other issues by themselves, but when you have several, you can be reasonably sure you've may notice as early as a week or two after conception. This can also be a sign of an impending period, so unless this is accompanied by other symptoms, it may not mean anything. A pregnancy test will usually not be accurate around the 6 or 8 week but you can give it a try.

Can you still be pregnant if you are 8 days late for period have several pregnancy symptoms hcg level of 2 and negative test?

It is highly unlikely No.

You spotted for 3 days 1st pink then brown spotting you are a little fatigue and have tingling in your breast is this pregnancy?

Hi, Yes this is pregnancy symptoms. Do a pregnancy test now hun or wait several more days and do a test then. Take care. :o)

Could you be pregnant if your period is two months late you have no pregnancy symptoms and you have several negative pregnancy tests?

sadly, some women do get pregnant with no symptoms of it at all. you're so lucky. unless there's a chance something else caused it like birth control pills. and pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. i truly admire your sense of hope.

What are the chances of getting your period while actually being pregnant when you have several pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to have a period like bleed during early pregnancy. But the bleeding is usually light and never a heavy, normal period bleed.

You took several pregnancy tests and they say positive and then later they say negative you have all the symptoms of early pregnancy?

i think you are pregnant but the best way to know is to go to the doctor, that way you know whats going on for sure.

What are the symptoms for hypothermia?

There are several symptoms of hypothermia. A few of the symptoms are lack of coordination, shivering, low energy. and confusion.

Can you get symptoms of pregnancy when your really not?

Yes you can. If you get it into your head that you think you're pregnant then you feel like you're getting the symptoms... Several times I've had a very late period and i convinced myself i was pregnant; feeling sick etc until i took a test. It came out negative and as soon as i'd seen that result i no longer had symptoms!

Could a runny nose or constantly dripping nose be an early symptom of pregnancy if you have several other symptoms too?

yes I have had two children and I had a cold/allergy symptoms. Here is a page to go to and check out. I hope that you find this helpful.....

Could a woman be over a month pregnant and still get a negative pregnancy test result?

It is possible, wait another 2 weeks and take another test if you have still not had your period. However the symptoms of pregnancy can be several other things as well, so you may not be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you are 8 weeks late the pregnancy blood test showed negative and you have no symptoms?

There are several causes for late period including stress, hormonal disbalance, ilness, overweight, etc.

The symptoms of Athletes foot?

There are several symptoms of Athletes Foot. A few of the symptoms are blisters on feet, itching, burning, and stinging. There are several brands of medicine that can be purchased over the counter for Athletes Foot.

How long do the symptoms of concussion last?

These symptoms may last from several minutes to several hours. More severe or longer-lasting symptoms may indicate more severe brain injury.

What are the symptoms of vocal cord paralysis?

Vocal cord paralysis produces several symptoms

What are symptoms of mersa?

There are several different symptoms that come with MRSA. Some of these symptoms include rashes, pain, and boils that do not improve.

Can you be Pregnancy and still spot?

Yes, spotting even while being pregnant have been recorded and observed on several occasions However it is best to get tested once you see other symptoms associated with early pregnancy. Testing is a sure way to confirm and take precautions and care

Why would you skip several periods?


What are the symptoms of maleria?

There are several symptoms of malaria. Some of the most common symptoms are headaches, chills, nausea, high fever, and vomiting.