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Yes. Your cervical mucus will change over the course of your cycle. This has everything to do with ovulation. Try tracking your cervical mucus and it will tell you when you are ovulating, and when your period is about to start. You will find that after your period finishes, you have little cervial mucus. You will feel "dry" when you touch your vagina and any mucus you have will be white or yellowish and feel either creamy or sticky. This mucus is actually very acid and is poison to sperm, it will kill them. As you approach ovulation your mucus will change, it will become clear and very slippery - very much like raw egg whites. And there will be a lot of it. Your vagina will feel wet or damp. This is the natural lubricant for sex and the cervical mucus actually helps sperm live longer and move through the vagina. Once you start to see this mucus, you know you are about to ovulate and are "fertile". This will usually last about 2-4 days. Once ovulation is over, the mucus will once again become sticky and no longer be clear. If you count 14 days from the middle of your "clear & slippery" cycle, you will find what day your period will come on. The mucus will remain sticky right up until your period starts.

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Q: Is it normal to have sticky cervical mucus before menstruation?
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When you get the clearish sticky stuff how long will you be away from your period?

If the clearish sticky stuff is fertile quality cervical mucus, this occurs from around a week before ovulation. Ovulation typically occurs two weeks before menstruation.

Is it normal to have clear sticky discharge before menstruation?

yea because eventually its going to turn ito blood

Does sticky white jelly mean I should take a test?

White sticky vaginal secretion is very normal. It comes from being sexually aroused and sometimes before menstruation. If it turns to a different color, then consult your doctor.

What is the cervical mucus for the few days before your cycle supposed to be Mine is sticky and whiteyellow could i be pregnant?

Yes you could. Especially if after you had the sticky discharge, you had light pink spotting. Good luck.. Cais Mommy

Do you have cervical mucus after ovulation?

After ovulation your cervical mucus will be light and sticky. If you are ovulating, it will look clear, slippery and has a consistency similar that of a raw egg white.

Is it normal to have constant cervical mucus?

This could be an infection (bacterial or sexual- STD) or natural cervical mucus which changes consistency over the cycle- watery or slippery or egg-white when most fertile/ dry or white and sticky when not fertile. Please visit your GP or GYN for a check up.

Is it normal to have lotion-like cm following ovulation 4 DPO?

Yes. Your cervical mucus is usually slippery, stretchy and clear as you approach ovulation. About 3-5 days before and one day after ovulation. Outside this period it can be non-existant, sticky, rubbery, tacky, or like lotion. It is usually white or cream but can be yellowish. Hello. Yes, this is normal.

What does it mean if you are getting thick discharge?

Throughout the month as estrogen levels rise and fall your cervical mucous varies from thin and clear to white, thick and sticky. After you ovulate your normal cervical mucous can be white and thick and lots of it, before turning fairly dry again just before your period. If there is no odor and no itch or burning it is just your body doing what it is supposed to do OR If its white its most likely yeast. If it gets worse and starts getting itchy and irritated you probably have a yeast infection.

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If your cervical mucus changes from egg white and stretchy to less nd sticky is it possile you are pregnant?

Cervical mucas alone won't be able to tell you if you are pregnant. Most women's cervical mucas changes from egg white to stretchy and clear every month, which signifies that you are ovulating.

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