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Is it normal to have sticky cervical mucus before menstruation?

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Yes. Your cervical mucus will change over the course of your cycle. This has everything to do with ovulation. Try tracking your cervical mucus and it will tell you when you are ovulating, and when your period is about to start. You will find that after your period finishes, you have little cervial mucus. You will feel "dry" when you touch your vagina and any mucus you have will be white or yellowish and feel either creamy or sticky. This mucus is actually very acid and is poison to sperm, it will kill them. As you approach ovulation your mucus will change, it will become clear and very slippery - very much like raw egg whites. And there will be a lot of it. Your vagina will feel wet or damp. This is the natural lubricant for sex and the cervical mucus actually helps sperm live longer and move through the vagina. Once you start to see this mucus, you know you are about to ovulate and are "fertile". This will usually last about 2-4 days. Once ovulation is over, the mucus will once again become sticky and no longer be clear. If you count 14 days from the middle of your "clear & slippery" cycle, you will find what day your period will come on. The mucus will remain sticky right up until your period starts.

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When you get the clearish sticky stuff how long will you be away from your period?

If the clearish sticky stuff is fertile quality cervical mucus, this occurs from around a week before ovulation. Ovulation typically occurs two weeks before menstruation.

Is it normal to have clear sticky discharge before menstruation?

yea because eventually its going to turn ito blood

What is sticky discharge after menstruation?


You woke up with white sticky stuff on your face what is this?

This 'white sticky stuff' must not be the discharge leading to menstruation, Unless you have touched that area, then your face. That white stuff could be flem, or grinding your teeth. If it is menstruation discharge, it is perfectly normal, and happens to everyone. It is a sign of puberty, heading towards menstruation. Hope I helped you.

What is that sticky white stuff?

well, because this topic is menstruation, that "sticky white stuff" is vaginal discharge

What is the cervical mucus for the few days before your cycle supposed to be Mine is sticky and whiteyellow could i be pregnant?

Yes you could. Especially if after you had the sticky discharge, you had light pink spotting. Good luck.. Cais Mommy

Do you have cervical mucus after ovulation?

After ovulation your cervical mucus will be light and sticky. If you are ovulating, it will look clear, slippery and has a consistency similar that of a raw egg white.

What is the correct punctuation for this sentence The exception is if the cervix is sticky then suspect pregnancy and deposit semen mid-cervical?

I would only put a period at the end.

Is it normal to have constant cervical mucus?

This could be an infection (bacterial or sexual- STD) or natural cervical mucus which changes consistency over the cycle- watery or slippery or egg-white when most fertile/ dry or white and sticky when not fertile. Please visit your GP or GYN for a check up.

Is it normal to have lotion-like cm following ovulation 4 DPO?

Yes. Your cervical mucus is usually slippery, stretchy and clear as you approach ovulation. About 3-5 days before and one day after ovulation. Outside this period it can be non-existant, sticky, rubbery, tacky, or like lotion. It is usually white or cream but can be yellowish. Hello. Yes, this is normal.

What does it mean if you are getting thick discharge?

Throughout the month as estrogen levels rise and fall your cervical mucous varies from thin and clear to white, thick and sticky. After you ovulate your normal cervical mucous can be white and thick and lots of it, before turning fairly dry again just before your period. If there is no odor and no itch or burning it is just your body doing what it is supposed to do OR If its white its most likely yeast. If it gets worse and starts getting itchy and irritated you probably have a yeast infection.

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If your cervical mucus changes from egg white and stretchy to less nd sticky is it possile you are pregnant?

Cervical mucas alone won't be able to tell you if you are pregnant. Most women's cervical mucas changes from egg white to stretchy and clear every month, which signifies that you are ovulating.

What are the normal stages of cervical mucus?

There are three phases of cervical mucus: 1. Infertile phase - this occurs after your menstrual period and also called dry days. This is the most infertile time of the month 2. The fertile phase - when you're nearing your ovulation, you will experience discharges of cervical mucus in the vagina. At first, this cm will appear moist and sticky and white or creamy in color. As ovulation get even closer, your cm will change. you will get more and more cm and it will change into a transparent color one which can stretch tested by the finger. During ovulation, the cm will then change into an egg white cervical mucus because that exactly how it looks. 3. Post ovulation completely infertile phase - after ovulation feeling of wetness will stop and your cm will come back to its normal appearance - dry and sticky. This stages are a reference for those who are trying to conceive.

How do you check your cervical mucus?

After your period you will be dryer and as you get closer to ovulation mucus will gradually increase and it will be sticky and cloudy (creamy). RIGHT before you ovulate mucus will increase even more and it will become clear and very slippery, (like egg white) and stretchy. Ovulation will occur at about this time. After ovulation it will become sticky and cloudy again, and mucus will decrease.

Is it normal for sticky yellow stuff to come out on your underwear after you humped someone?


Is it normal to have yellow sticky stuff in your underwear after you humped someone?

no prbably not

Is white discharge normal?

For a man, no. For a woman, if there is no odd smell, and it doesn't irritate, this is normal. Having a white discharge is quite normal. You will usually see it on your panties. Only be concerned it is quite smelly and there is lots and lots of it. As vaginal discharge, this is known as cervical mucus. Your cervical mucus changes during your cycle. You will find that near the time of ovulation your vagina area will be "wet" while other times it is "dry." While you are ovulating, your cervical mucus will be clear (like raw egg white), slippery and stretchy. At other times in your cycle it will be white or creamy and quite sticky. Yellow discharge usually means signs of thrush. When in doubt, get checked out.

What is the white sticky smelly stuff on the vagina?

Vaginal discharge - Made up mostly of secretions from cervical glands from vagina. A clear whitish discharge is normal, variying in amount and consistency from woman to woman and in each woman during different phases of menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

How do you get the sticky residue off silicone bakeware?

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What do discharge look like from a vagina?

Vaginal discharge typically looks like a thin lotion - white or cream. Around a week before ovulation it will contain fertile cervical mucus which will be clear and stretchy like egg-whites. When a woman is aroused she produces lubrication which is more sticky and slimy in texture. It's also normal to have brown or pink discharge which is 'spotting' when there is blood present.

When is mucus produced in the cell lining the walls of the bronchi and bronchioles?

Mucus naturally occurs. As it is sticky, it is there to trap airborne particles before they get to the lungs. To expel mucus, for example, by coughing, is quite normal.

Could you be pregnant you have just had a short period which was 2 days late and a few days later you had some pink sticky cervical mucus and have terrible heartburn which you never get?

chances are no.

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What is the white sticky stuff coming out your breast?

If it was light and whitish it is meant to be normal, but it is sticky and probable off-white or yellowish then it could be an infection and you are best visiting a doctor to check if you are fine.