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I had similar pains. It is most likely ligaments stretching as you grow bigger and that creates some pain with some women. But it is always best to get these things checked out by your midwife or doctor.

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Q: Is it normal to have stomach pains that feel like pulled muscles when you are 21 weeks pregnant?
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You just ended your period a couple days ago and had unprotected sex he pulled out and wiped it off out can you get pregnant?

you deserve a kick in the stomach, idiot

Is it normal to have lower stomach ache after exercising?

Absolutely you can pull a muscle in your stomach from playing Wii. Not that it is a smart thing to do, or something you should try, but if you play the game extremely entergetically, it is possible. I think that part of the draw of Wii are games where you actually get up and move and not slip into couch potato mode... so that means you are doing something right. I would chill slightly though, because pulled muscles hurt.

Why does your right side Of my stomach hurt when you cough?

you have pulled your lower abdominal muscle. its perfectly normal but when you cough it feels like something wants to pop out of your lower stomach. similar to a hernia. but after cough goes away the muscle will go back to normal.

Why pain is occurring after cesarean?

because the womb is contracting back to normal and you have just had all your womb, stomach muscles cut open stretched poked + pulled about and a baby dragged out by its feet then re-stitched. Then when the aneasetic wears off and the pain killers dont do much its bloody painfull!!

What is it called when muscles are pulled?

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What refers to a partial tearing of the muscles?

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What are the symptoms of a pulled groin?

A pulled groin is caused by putting too much stress on muscles in your groin and thigh. If these muscles are tensed too forcefully it will become a pulled groin. Some symptoms are feelings of pain and tenderness.

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Yes you can be pregnant.Some people, all though rare, still have their periods even though they're pregnant. Even though he pulled out, there is pre-cum, which CAN still get you pregnant. So go take a test just in case.

What are the symptoms of a pulled stomach muscle?

Dull achey pain. Painful to move stomach certain ways.

Why should you not overtire your muscles?

Muscles should not be overworked because that can result in tearing of the muscles and muscle strain. It can also lead to other injuries like pulled muscles and sprains.

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