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Yawning is a the act of taking a deep involuntary breath. There are several theories about why people yawn, but no one knows the exact cause.

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Who holds the world record for longest human yawn?

The longest yawn is held by David Rickert. Who on May 27, 1994 yawned for 6 minutes and 46 seconds strait ...
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Is yawning a phobia?

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Why do you start yawning during exercise?

When you yawn, it's your bodies way of telling you, "I need more oxygen". So if you yawn more when you're exercising it's because your heart rate is up and you're using more oxygen. ...
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When you yawn why does the next person yawn?

For the same reason that people look up when you look up. You can call it the power of suggestion. its to do with the mide to find out more i would proberly go on health websites or if your that conserned go to doctor or your actual GP yawns are very contagious. so when we yawn we got it from someone and gave it to someone else. Because when you see some one yawn that makes you sleepy and you yawn unless...
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What is a rhyming word for yawn?

dawn Lawn Fawn Pawn Dawn Drawn Prawn
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Is w a vowel in the word yawn?

No. Contrary to what some people say, "W" is never a vowel in the English language. ...
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Can you yawn without opening your mouth?

Yes, you can. Yawn by breathing with your nose. It's tricky, but I just did it. :) ...
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Does yawning have anything to do with being tired?

Technically, no it doesn't. it's one of the bodies natural reactions to a buildup of CO2 in the body ...
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When a dog yawns what does that mean?

Same thing as when you yawn..... When you get tired you get a shortness of breath causing you to yawn to catch your breath when your tired... ...
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Does leg hair grow when you get goosebumps?

I don't usually post answers on these things, but I'm getting tired of hearing my girlfriends tell me that their hair grows faster when they get goosebumps, so I figure I'll just clear this up once and for all. No, goosebumps do not make hair grow faster. It is a myth that has been fabricated and spread around by women (and some men) who feel that their skin is prickly when they get goosebumps even if it was perfectly smooth just...
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What is something you can't help doing when you yawn?

There is nothing you cannot help doing when you yawn. You do not even need to open your mouth - it is certainly possible to yawn with a closed mouth. ...
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Why are yawns contagious?

We can’t say for sure, but there are several possible explanations. One potential explanation comes from research out of the University of Nottingham, which suggests that contagious yawns are prompted by automatic, primitive reflexes in the part of the brain responsible for motor function. Other researchers think it has something to do with empathy or social cues. "Researchers have seen that yawning may not be as contagious to people with autism or schizophrenia," Meredith Williamson, clinical...
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Do betta fish know when they are full?

They will over feed but wont eat everything that you put in there. Just put in enough food so that all of it is eaten in 5-10 minutes or so. Any more and the excess food or fish poop will foul up the water quickly. Yes, they do. They tend to swim away from the food and ignore it or they might just keep eating. Try 1 flake/pellet to see if they are hungry and the put in 3-4 more in....
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Why can't you yawn?

Sorry? Could you at least specify your answer? -BTW- I can yawn actually. I'm sure you can too. ...
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How long is the average human tongue?

The average human tongue is 4 inches.
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Is constant yawning a symptom?

You are very tired, have agood sleep before you die of the following : Excessive yawning (1-4 yawns/minute) is associated with a variety of conditions. The majority of these are disorders of the central nervous system, and include epilepsy, encephalitis, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis and progressive supranuclear palsy. Excessive yawning is also associated with opiate withdrawl and the consumption of a variety of drugs that affect neurotransmitters, such as drugs prescribed for Parkinson's disease or depression. You are very tired, have agood sleep before...
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Why do people yawn when they see someone else yawn?

Answer (maybe) This is a nervous reflex of our brain, just like when someone tells you that he/she is hungry, even if you're not, you'll suddenly feel hungry as well. we tend to yawn when we see someone else yawn because we somehow connect to that person's mind when he/she's not having right amount of oxygen in his/her body Edit: Another possible scientific reason as to why we do this: 1. Person observes yawn 2. Sensory input of the brain deactivates left periamygdalar region 3. Subject...
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Why do you yawn too much at work?

It isn't because you are tired, it is because your blood lacks oxygen. When you've been idle too long and suddenly move, you can find yourself yawning later on. That's why a person yawns after waking up in the morning. Yawning adds oxygen to the blood. If it bothers you, try deep breathing. ...
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Why do we yawn?

Yawning It is actually still an unknown mystery of life. Though there are good hypotheses supporting why humans and animals yawn, they are not conclusive. Any explanation about why we yawn will have to explain a number of interesting observations: Yawning occurs even when oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are normal. Yawning may make others yawn (that is, it seems "contagious") and may indicate behavior based on social cues. Other hypotheses: One is that when we are bored or tired, we just don't breathe as deeply...
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Do lungs heal after you stop smoking?

No, but they will not pull so hard on the leash afterwards. It is believed that over a period of several years, a lot of the visible damage is repaired - so much of the tar, etc, in the lungs is eventually removed - but it depends on how long you have been smoking for, and how much other damage was done. ...
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Why do you yawn while working out?

Well, for one thing we don't even know WHY we yawn. A quite plausible theory is that we yawn to get more oxygen because our tired bodies can't gain enough through normal breathing. Another one is that it's a way to relieve tension and stress. Yawning is almost always a sign of sleepiness and is common in the morning or late at night. When you work out remember to have plenty of rest, food and water beforehand. ...
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What is the world record for the longest yawn?

The longest yawn is held by David Rickert. Who on May 27, 1994 yawned for 6 minutes and 46 seconds strait. ...