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Yes it is normal. The tissues inside are very fragile. If you should have excessive bleeding at any given time while you have the IUD in, please see your doctor as soon as possible. You may not be able to use this method of contraceptive. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is it normal to have your period just after an IUD was put in by a doctor?
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You have been on your period for almost a month you have an IUD is that normal?

ive been on my period for almost a month i have an IUD is that normal?

You have the IUD for 5 years you missed your period this month is that normal?

Missing a period once in five years is normal with or without the IUD.

It's normal that my period last over 11 days while i have my IUD?

no u just have vaginal disorder

Can you get pregnant with an IUD and have period?

Pregnancy on the IUD is rare, but not unheard of. Pregnancy with a normal period is rare. Together, this makes pregnancy very unlikely.

Is it normal if you having a bleeding after a week of period even if you have IUD?

Yes, it can be perfectly normal. You mention an IUD, if this is a hormonal IUD that you've just had inserted this may be the reason for the longer bleed as it can take your body time to adjust to the hormones in the new IUD. It's also possible that the IUD has shifted so check your strings and feel for the bottom of the IUD through the cervical opening to make sure it's not moved. If concerned or if the bleeding continues go see your doctor or go to a sexual health clinic for more help.

How long is it possible for you to miss your period if you have a IUD?

If you have an IUD it is possible to miss a menstrual period for up to a year or more. You will need to speak with your doctor for more details.

Is it normal to bleed heavily with an IUD?

when taking any kind of hormonal birth control, it is normal to bleed whether it be spotting or more like a regular period for up to the first year you are taking it. if the bleeding lasts longer that your normal period, talk to your doctor.

Is cramping and bleeding 3 days after IUD fell out normal?

Yes, your body is noticing that the hormonal effects of the IUD aren't in tact anymore so it thinks its going to start its normal period cycle. Just like some IUD's cause cramping and spotting when you first get them in, they can do the same coming out.

Can you charge for an IUD follow up appointment?

Yes, it's normal to charge for an IUD follow up appointment if it's not in the global period.

I have had the marina IUD in for about a year now but for some reason your nipples have been very sensative lately and you havent had a period for this month is this normal?

The Mirena IUD causes most people to stop having a period, so yes, this is normal.

You are 21yrs old you have not had a regular period got pregnant got a period after you got the IUD no perios just spotting every once in a while removed it on the 9-9-08 no periods can you conceive?

Of course you can unless you have another medical problem causing issues. If you discussed IUD's with your doctor you would know it can take several months for you period to return after removing the IUD.

Can the IUD cause a missed period?

can you miss your period on IUD if so do u suppose to miss almost 2month goin on 3months just about i had a period in June and am on da IUD for about a year now since i had it i will get my period and it will skip a hold month and come on da next month now i did had in June and miss July august and now its September and still no period i took a test and it came back nagtive but i don't feel rite so what can i do about it i make a apppintment to my doctor to see was the problem with my IUD.

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