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No this isn't normal and can be a symptom of a hormonal imbalance or pregnancy.

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2006-08-04 19:45:21
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Q: Is it normal to spot for a little more than a week after finishing your period?
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Is it normal for a woman to have a period more than 7 days?

Yes, it is normal to have a period more than 7 days. In fact, a period of up to 8 days is considered normal.

What is the neolithic period?

just like a normal period but more neolithic

Is Little Boots releasing a second album?

Yes! It's going to be a little more dark, she is said to be doing the finishing touches.

Your period is just finishing- how likely is it that you are pregnant?

You need to explain more of the circumstances that make you think you may be pregnant.

Is it normal to be 10 days late for your period?

yes its normal .. but if your period is late more than 20-30days then u should see a doctor..

Is period more than 8 days normal?

no. See a doctor

Is it normal to get your period twice within the month?

yes but only if you just started like a year ago if you have had your period for more than a year than no it is not normal

Is it normal for female dogs to be more protective when she is on her period?

Yes, it happens to my aunt's dog and it's perfectly normal.

Is it normal for your period to last more than a week?

sometimes it will do that....its normal.....the cause may have been from your period not coming on schdule or from the amount of blood you've built up

Is peeing a lot normal after you have your period?

urinating is a common symptom after a period. After a period, your bladder is more stimulated which in turn can cause frequent urination.

You have had the contraceptive implant this month and you haven't come on your period is this normal?

Yes this is normal, the implant can affect your period in many ways making it less/more common, heavier/lighter :)

You get your period 3 days and no more this time its has lasted 8 days and stil going is that normal?

yeah that's normal

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