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I think the problem that you are encountering is that you have a mucus blockage in your sinuses that is affecting your ears as well. The reason why I think that you still have this symptom is because the antibiotics that you are taking are designed to fight the infection while the allergy medication treats inflammation of mucus membranes (which relieves sinus pressure). But it in this case it seems that there is blocked mucus in the sinus cavity and none of the medication that you are using is designed to drain mucus. I know that Sinuswars offers a product that helps to decongest the sinus cavities but there are other products on offer that also help to drain mucus. By draining the mucus you be able to relieve pressure in the ear and clogging.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-21 09:20:11
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Q: Is it normal to still have ear pressure and clogging but no pain from a sinus infection after 19 days of antibioitics and allergy medication?
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