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Is it normal to think about your ex boyfriend?

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βˆ™ 2011-01-18 06:53:55

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Yes, Very normal especially after a bad break up or when you still love him.

I loved this boy.. he asked me out and he was so sweet but i was heaps pressured so i dumped him. i felt so bad. and this happened 3 times + and i still love him like no tomorrow but i don't think he loves me or will, anyways.

That are a perfect part of your life that you can think about but if they break your heart just forget about them. If they really loved you they would want to be in your future not your past. :)

Hope this is okay. Signed Miss Anonymous :)

2011-01-18 06:53:55
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Is it normal for your girlfriend to look for her ex-boyfriend?

yes, it is normal for a girl to look for an ex- boyfriend only if she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and is worndering what could have been.

Why does my heart ache when i think of my ex-boyfriend?

You miss him. It's normal after a break up to miss someone.

Is it normal if your heart beats really fast when you see your ex-boyfriend?

its not normal unless you still have feelings for him, even if you think u dont, u do

What do you do if you like your ex boyfriend friend?

If he is your "ex-boyfriend" there is obviously a reason he has obtained that title and before you think of pursuing anything, think about why he is indeed your ex.

Will ex boyfriend think about you when he goes on a date?

yes an ex-boyfriend will think about u at least until they get over u

Is it bad to want your ex boyfriend back?

no that is completely normal

You think you still love your ex boyfriend how do you know?

If you still think of your ex-boyfriend and talk about him that means you ain't over him. If you continue to hate your ex that means you still got feeling there.

Which is correct he is your ex boyfriend or he was your ex boyfriend?

"He is your ex boyfriend" is correct.If you were to say "he was your ex boyfriend" it would suggest that he is no longer your ex.

What does it mean to have dreams about your ex deceased boyfriend?

If you meant "ex-boyfriend, who is now deceased", then it's fairly normal to have dreams about people you cared about who have passed away.

What does it mean when you dream about breaking up with your boyfriend and getting back with you ex boyfriend?

it means that you still have feelings for your ex and want to be with him again. i think.

What should you do if you have feelings for your ex boyfriend but you have a boyfriend?

well first of all you should think of why you and your ex broke up - why did the relationship not work and then u should also think of who you really want to be with , would your rather get back with your ex or stay with your current boyfriend , a way to think of that would be to think of the pros and cons of both guys hope this helped

What do you do when your ex boyfriend suddenly cuts contact with you for no reason?

Nothing - carry on as normal and live your life happily. He is your ex and he was that for a reason.

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend get back to you?

i mean, if he's your ex-boyfriend he's your EX-boyfriend. that means...boyfriend.

What does it mean to dream with your ex boyfriend very often?

It is normal to dream about what is on one's mind. So if there are lingering feelings for the ex boyfriend, the dreams are reflections of those feelings. The dreams do not reveal anything about the ex boyfriend's feelings.

What if you still like you ex-boyfriend?

weigh your pros and cons of going out with him, think about how or how not the relationship can affect you

Why did you cheat on your current boyfriend with your ex- boyfriend?

that possibly means you aren't over your ex. so maybe tell BOTH of them to take a break and think about it!

Why do you remember you ex boyfriend?

Humans remember all their relationships so it is quite normal that you remember the good and bad in the relationship you had with your ex. In time and when you meet that special young man you should be with your ex boyfriend will be just be a faint memory.

Who is Lady Gaga ex-boyfriend?

Her ex boyfriend is Rob Fusari.

What if your best friend and you are not as close as you use to be and now you like he ex boyfriend and you think he likes you to but you don't know if you could do that to her what should you do?

Be boyfriend & girlfriend. Your friend shouldn't care because he is her OLD or EX boyfriend:-)

Who is miley's ex-boyfriend?

Nick Jonas from the totally awesome band Jonas Brothers. She probably has more ex-boyfriends, but that's all I can think of. the hottie

What is the meaning of dream that your ex-boyfriend is dying?

I am not the best at interpretations but I think it means that your ex boyfriend is no longer a part of your life and is a dying memory no longer needed.

Is it normal to have feelings for a boyfriend after three year of not seeing him and you thought you you're over him?

I'm the person who put this question up...and he is my EX boyfriend.

What do you do when your ex-boyfriend is going out with your friend and you think this is all karma because you did this to your ex last year?

Why do you want to do anything? You said this is your EX.

Does Selena Gomez have an ex boyfriend?

NO Selena does not have an ex boyfriend

How do you talk to an ex-boyfriend?

there's a reason they are a ex