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No it is NOT!

if you like her and she likes you then ya

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It's ok for one girl to kiss another girl if they are lesbians.

It depends on who you kiss on the lips... If it's your mom your ok, but if it's another girl, then yeah that's cheating

Yes it is. The only things are that a guy could kiss a guy or a girl could kiss a girl and you can kiss someone "tenderly" or "romanticly".

same thing that you do with the girl you are dating

Its perfectly ok. Im 13 and i kissed a girl in 3rd grade.

of course but only if the 12year old is ok with it

pay them or get them drunk and dear them

mainly by getting drunk and then she kisses you and then they kiss

well i guess its ok .but you need to ask him out first

Yes of course it is OK. There is no chance of any further sexual relationship though if he is Gay.

It either means that she is gay or she is trying to be sexy.

It depends on who you are. Ask a girl that has kissed another girl what it feels like.

if your 13 or over your a perv but 13 and under sure its ok

Whether you are a boy or a girl it is OK, as long as you both want to.

car kissing on grass :::;0((::((9;(:(:(:9:9;9;9;

Justin Bieber has a girlfriend, if he was to kiss another girl he would either be cheating on his girlfriend or kissing said girl on the cheek.

ok whatever you do dont just kiss her or she mite not like you you sood wate in tell its the rite time

The same way a man kisses a women but more sexy

i think this should be ok. its only a 3 years diffenence

i think the Boy but now in days i think is ok for a girl to do it tooo..

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