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Q: Is it ok if you just kissed poison ivy?
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Is bleach ok to put on poison ivy?

NO never ever out bleach on poison oak or ivy. My brother put it on his case, and it did not help in any way. It makes it puff up, sting, burn and be the worst thing ever. And also you are never supposed to put bleach on your skin anyway.NEVER EVER PUT BLEACH ON POISON IVY OR OAK

Is it ok to swim in a pool with poison ivy?

Yes, infection spreads only when the person comes into contact with the plant.

When caladryl lotion expires is it still ok to use?

I am currently using Caladryl Clear that expired 01/2004 on a rash of poison ivy. It seems to be working just fine.

Your chihuahua just ate a naproxen is he ok?

Get poison control over here now!

Is it ok to go out in the sun with poison ivy?

Avoid exposure to the sun. Sun exposure may cause scaring in healing tissue. So you can go out, but keep it covered.

How did poison ivy get its name?

Ok, well the common name is a little...obvious, but the scientific name was devoloped in honor of Per Axel Rydberg who had extensive research about plants like these.

Is it OK to burn wood that has touched poison ivy?

No, it is not O.K. to burn wood that has touched poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans), which is fully potent in its effects even 1-1/2 years after the contact.Specifically, the irritating urushiol oil assumes its airborn form. Consequently, it can be inhaled by humans. Inhalation can be so irritating that the respiratory system shuts down. It therefore is considered a medical emergency whenever a human comes into contact with or inhales the smoke from burning wood that has touched poison ivy.

Is it ok that ive never been kissed?

Yes that is great. Ive never been kissed either. But just wait once you find someone you really love then you will get a kiss like I will dont worry.

Is Brazilian pepper ok to burn?

No, it is not OK to burn. Brazilian Pepper is in the same family as poison ivy. Touching the sap can cause allergic reactions in some people. Burning the plant and breathing in the smoke can cause respiratory problems. Do not use for fires, cooking or otherwise.

How do you overcome effects of poison for a dog?

If they can it should be ok.

Is it ok if you dream that your crush kissed you in your dreams?

Yes it is absolutely ok to dream about that. It is because your crush has done that. You did not do anything in that .

Is it ok to be 15 and never been kissed?

Definitely! It is alright to wait! No hurry...

What age is ok to kiss?

I guess any age. I kissed when i was 10 well it was my first kiss.

What do you do if you kissed a boy and he kissed back but a couple days later he told you he wanted to take it slower?

You say oh, ok or if you don't want that to happen you say well mabey just a little bit slower you break up with him when all else fails run

Is it OK if you lick the girls butt?

The cheek is fine but the hole can possibly poison you

Can you poison from expired blood pressure medicine?

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it just doesn't have as large of an effect on you.. I think you'll be ok ((:

Is it okay to kiss a girl when you are twelve?

Its perfectly ok. Im 13 and i kissed a girl in 3rd grade.

Is it okay to kiss on a first date?

I kissed my Boyfriend when we first got together so yes its ok

If your going on a cruise and wont to kiss a boy and your 11 is that ok?

Yes I'm a guy and I have kissed my gf

What happens if a 12 year old kissed a 9 year old?

The nine-year old will blush and be very surprised. But if they both like each other they might just be ok with it.

Should a ten year old want to be kissed?

If just curies to how it feels it's OK (I want to be kissed or even french kissed). Try not to think about it or how it feels or how you will feel after. You should Waite till your 13 and up. When your ready and have some one TO kiss then it will be THE TIME. Try practise in the shower on the wall (I DO!!!) or some where else. Good luck : ) hope i helped

Is the use of bleach ok to disinfect vegetables?

No! Definately not! Doing that would probably poison you.

Can you take Prednisone and hydroxyzine together?

This would be OK. This combination could be used to treat severe allergic reactions such as poison ivy or drug allergy. Remember that the prednisone is very harsh on your stomach. Have food on your stomach when you take each dose! The hydroxyzine will make you drowsy and lightheaded.

When does chikorita learn poison powder?

Chikorita can learn poison powder when its level 7 or somethin near 7 OK thanks bye.. hope it helped..

Ok I changed my mind just forget it?

ok that was just inappropiate