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Q: Is it ok if you just kissed poison ivy from batman?
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Does poison ivy like batman?

yes she does

What episode in the anime series did poison ivy kiss batman?

Ivy kisses Batman in episode "Pretty Poison", from Batman:The Animated Series.

What batman movie had poison ivy?

I think it was Batman & Robin (1997)

Is Poison Ivy from Marvel Comics?

No, she's a DC character, specifically a villain from Batman's rogues' gallery.

Is poison ivy going to be in LEGO Batman?

Yes she is

Who play poison ivy in batman?

Uma Thurman

Does poison ivy have a crush on batman?

No, Catwoman does, though.

What was the name of plant lady on batman?

Poison Ivy.

Who played poison ivy in batman?

Uma Thurman

Who is Poison Ivy in Batman?

Poison Ivy is Dr. Lillian Isley. She is an enemy of Batman. Her lips are poisonous and she is immune to all poisons. Her best friend is Harley Quinn.

Who is the character poison ivy's enemies?

Batman, in some cases Superman (Batman Hush).

Is poison ivy going to be in LEGO Batman the game?

Yes, Poison Ivy is a confirmed Character. She will definitly be in the game. Just go to Google and type in LEGO Batman then click wikipedia then scroll down she is going to be in the confirmed characters.

Who played poison ivy in batman and robin?

Uma Thurman .

What Batman villain formerly worked as a zoologist?

poison ivy

In Batman what is in poison ivy's lipstick?

a red poisons rose

Who is the batman character with green hair that is NOT the joker?

Poison Ivy.

How did Batman meet bat women?

He saved her from Poison Ivy.

Did robin have a girlfriend in the batman movie?

Poison Ivy did flirt a lot with Robin in Batman and Robin.

Which plant was Ulma Thurmand named after in Batman and Robin?

Poison Ivy

What actress played Poison Ivy in Batman And Robin?

Uma Thurman

What was actress name Poison Ivy in the batman movie?

Uma Thurman

Where might one find a visual tribute to Batman comic book villianess Poison Ivy?

One can find a visual tribute to the Batman comic book villainess Poison Ivy online. One can find a visual tribute to Poison Ivy on the websites YouTube.

What is poison ivy's age?

The exact age of Poison Ivy is unknown. However, she is portrayed as a young adult who watches children in the Batman comics

Who plays poison ivy in the movie called dark Knight rises?

Poison Ivy isn't in The Dark Knight Rises. The last Batman movie she appeared in was Batman and Robin. She was played by Uma Thurman.

Does poison ivy love batman?

No she doesn't in fact she is one of his worst enemies.