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As long as you're able to pay for it, why shouldn't it be? Some might find it wasteful though.

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Is an acidic liquid soap good for laundry?

No. Do not use it. It is very dangerous, and it's not intended for washing clothes. It will destroy your clothes and could give you a bad reaction. If you are trying to remove a stain, try a hot wash or a stain remover maid for clothes, and read the instructions!

where can i find responsibilities for being a parent?

Give your kids age approiate chores and responsible for there homework takeing care of dirty laundry folding laundry and keeping there room cleaned. Have them pack there book bags every night and pick out there clothes for the next day.

How do you give your clothes away on stardoll?

If you want to give your clothes away you HAVE to be a superstar.

Do the gym teachers give you gym clothes?

If you aren't wereing gym clothes she/he mite give you some gym clothes

Can you give clothes to your wife for her to wear in Fable 2?

you can give her clothes but she cant put them on

What is a good slogan for a laundry service?

Give us the sheets!

May you start a sentence with the word for as in for example?

Yes, for example: For heaven's sake, pick up your clothes and put them in the laundry. For love or money, I won't give up my laptop. For example, this is the third sentence that starts with for.

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

Who said Give me a laundry-list and I will set it to music?


How much water does doing the laundry use?

Too many variables to give a good answer. By hand? How much laundry? Front load machine? etc.

Why do some people wear the same clothes everyday if they're neither poor nor required to wear a uniform?

There are many answers, but I'll just give you a few:Maybe the clothes are comfortableMaybe it's their favorite article of clothingMaybe they don't have very many clothes, but their not poor, they just buy other things with their moneyMaybe their other clothes are dirty

What condition will speed up the drying of washing?

Speed your laundry drying time with- Wind Higher temperature Lower humidity Spacing out the laundry Placing the laundry to give the max surface area for evapouration to take place

What are the eight aspects of beauty?

Hair Makeup Body Shape Clothes Personality Teeth Face Skin These are the most important I get compliments everyday more than once if you need tips message me and i will give you tips. I can make tutorials or tell you how i keep myself looking great everyday.

How do you get your sim back to create a sim?

you can get a mirror and that will change your sims hair and makeup. to change their everyday,formal,swimwear, and sleepwear you can click the dresser and it will give you the option to "plan outfit" which canges your sims clothes.

What plants give you clothes?


How can you give Brief Hospitality Expected in a company?

Comfortable Lodging, food, laundry and transportation.

What does the Cullen family do with their clothes?

They give their clothes to the Goodwill after only 1 or 2 uses

How do you get clothes on Club Penguin if you are not a member?

sometime they give out free clothes on special occasions

How do you get the paper down from the Night Club in CP?

go to the HQ and get the brown hat on the clothes rack. go to the coffee shop and clean up the cookies. He will give you one. go outside and put the hat on the green puffle. Give him the cookie. He will fly up and give you the paper.

How do you stop dogs pooping on the veranda?

Give him trouble and make him go outside give him treats if he poops outside i think that will train him to go outside

What medicine should you give to your chicken every day?

You really shouldn't give chickens medicine everyday. You can buy special feed that has vitamins in it to feed them everyday. You can give the vitamins about once a week in their water.

Do you give hermit crabs water everyday?


How do you summon Steve in Minecraft?

all you have to do is get a zombie, or skeleton, or zombie pigman, and then give them a steve head. also you could give them clothes to look nice. the clothes dont have to look like steve clothes.

How do you give people clothes on stardoll?

On stardoll there is no way of sending clothes to another stardoll member you can send gifts but not clothes. Sorry!

Do the president and first lady pay for their own clothes?

Yes, they buy their own clothes or else wear clothes that people give them.