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Yes. That is normal.

2004-10-06 12:47:34
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1989 Chevy blazer 4.3 liter timing chain specs?

how much play should a 4.3 Chevy engine timing chain have?

How do you adjust the timing chain tensioner on a 98 sunfire 2.4 liter?

u dont adjust the timing chain tensioner if there is slop or play in chain, u need to replace the chain . good idea to replace timing gears at same time while engine is pulled apart

What problems can you have with the timing chain on a Chrysler 3.8?

Timing chains have either a single or a double chain (duplex). The timing chain has at least 20 sprockets, and a tensioner. All of these parts do wear out and cause problems. Some timing chains are made of rubber and others are made of solid metal. The rubber ones usually have a recommended life, i.e. 50,000 miles. One problem is that if a timing chain breaks the valves or hits pistons, it will cost a fortune to fix. Another problem after changing a timing chain is if the gears weren't lined up when it was put on, or the tension was wrong on the timing belt. Usually there should be no more than a total of 1 inch of play. I don't know if the Chrysler has a rubber timing chain or metal, or what it would cost to replace the timing chain on this vehicle.

Ford Taurus marble sound under load?

A marble sound under load indicates the engine is out of time. Have the ignition timing checked and the timing chain/belt for damage or excessive play.

How do you diagnose a timing chain problem in a 1995 ford E?

Timing chain assemblies don't give out like they used to back in the 60's and 70's when they used plastic coated aluminum sprockets. You could check for excessive play in the chain by moving the vibration damper back and forth by hand to determine how much slop there is in the chain (engine off of course). A little play is normal. If the chain jumped and you were somehow able to get the engine to run it would be powerless. A compression test would yield poor results across the board.

How do you adjust timing chain on a suzuki intruder 800?

The timing chain on an Intruder 800 should adjust itself. If this isn't happening, I think you MAY be able to access the adjuster by taking the valve/rocker cover off and seeing if the tensioner is up to full stretch or is not working. If it won't adjust any further and take anymore play out of the chain, it's possible that your chain has stretched over time and needs replacing.

How do you line up the timing marks on a Mitsubishi mighty max pickup truck truck with a 2.0 engine in it?

to get into it you need the first piston to go up at its highest and the distributor be pointing to the first spark plug then after you get into play you'll need to play around with the distributor to get a perfect idle at this point you need the timing gun that will help a little more than just by listening to it.

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Yes, you can.

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What role do plankton play in our food chain ?

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Improve Crocodiles play a large part in their food chain because they are the main predator.

How does 'the last thing to happen' prevent the activation of Chain link 1's card effect in 'missing the timing' in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Take Peten the Dark Clown, who has an effect that says when he is sent to the graveyard, you can remove him from play to special summon another one from deck. The 'you can' bit is important as it marks his trigger as Optional rather than a Mandatory trigger, and the rulings have a slight difference.In short, his trigger condition was met when he went to the graveyard, but something else 'happened' (a resolution, or a summon) before that effect could be activated. The game rules say that something made the trigger 'miss the timing'.If the trigger was a mandatory one, then the above would not matter. If it had been a Sangan for example, then the trigger will start a new chain after everything before it has finished resolving.But the rulings for Optional Triggers (any trigger that says 'when' and 'you can' activate it) say that they will 'miss the timing' if something resolves or is summoned after the condition is met.Peten therefore misses the timing if:- He is tributed for the summon of a Lv5+ monster, or sent to the graveyard as a component in a Synchro Summon. (The summon makes him miss the timing)- He is tributed for the activation of a card or effect, such as Enemy Controller's second ability (The card activates and resolves before Peten would be allowed to trigger. The resolution makes him miss the timing)- He is sent to the graveyard at chain link 2 or higher in a resolving chain (chain link 1 resolves before he can activate, making him miss the timing)Peten will not miss the timing if:- He is destroyed by battle,- He is sent to the graveyard as the last action in a resolving chain,- He activates, but something is chained. If he activatescorrectly, then it doesn't matter that chained effects resolve first. Only his initial activation can miss the timing.- If two Petens are destroyed at the same time (one on either side of the field) then both will trigger 'simultaneously', one becomes chain link 1, one becomes chain link 2. Because both were activated correctly, neither misses the timing.

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under game modes

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A car's timing belt can start to melt and snap if it is fitted too tight. Most timing belts should have a half turn of play on them.

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There is some play in the axle

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