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First of all, a 10 gallon tank is too small for a turtle, let alone a turtle AND a frog! The proper rule of thumb for aquatic turtles is 10 gallons for every inch of turtle... if you have a 4 inch long turtle, you need at least 40 gallons of water. And second of all, putting a frog with a slider of any age will mean a fed turtle. The turtle WILL eat the frog. Don't try it.

2006-09-13 05:27:20
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Q: Is it ok to put a little baby frog in a 10-gallon tank with a red-eared slider?
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Can i put my baby red ear slider in the hot sun?

yes you can, if you do so just leave him out for a little.

How much water do you need in a fish tank for your baby red eared slider?

A baby red eared slider needs as much as two of its shells sideways.

What do you feed a baby yellow bellied slider turtle?

I would try ReptoMin Baby.

How many baby red eared slider turtles do mothers have?

A Red Ear Slider Turtle mama an have 10-13.

Can you feed your baby yellow bellied slider fruit?


Can baby red ear slider eat on land?

yes it can

How do you look after a baby red eared slider turtle?

you watch it

Can you keep a baby red eared slider out of water over night?

Yes, I put my baby slider in a sand filled terrarium over night and feed him in water and he is doing ok

How long can a baby red eared slider turtle live under water?

A red ear slider can live for 2 day

How long can the mom red-eared slider take care of the baby red-eared slider?

usally the mama red-eared slider just lays her eggs and leaves them all alone but if a red eared slider is kept in captivity the mama takes care of the baby until the baby shows its mama that it can stand on its own two feet which is usally 2-3 months after it is hatched.

How can you tell the sex of a yellow bellied slider turtle?

ive heard it depends on how long their claws are? does that include for baby slider turtles as well?

Can a full grown male red ear slider be put in the same tank as a baby red ear slider male?

I wouldn't recommend it.

Can two baby red ear slider be in the same tank?

Yes, they can.

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Guppies are a good little treat, plenty of calcium plus it gives the turtle exercise from the chase and gives you abit of excitement.

What will happen if you put a baby false map turtle in a tank with an adult red eared slider?

what will happen is that the baby false map turtle will get along with the red ear slider .B ut it will just take a will.

Where to keep a baby red ear slider turtle at your home?

You should keep a baby red ear slider away from other pets like dogs and cats because they are small so keep them in a good tank with maybe other baby turtles

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What do red eared slider turtles babies look like?

They are red. And are baby turtles . Sooo there baby red turtles

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Can you play with a baby red eared slider?

YES! My babe loves to play/be held. :)

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uiovhy ui9ovhgfuidbn fjkdfdbfhyud

Its really cold outside and if you lost your baby turtle for almost a week will the baby red ear slider survive outside?


How many live fish do you feed your baby snapper turtle and how often?

Not very many but i keep a lot in my cage at all times and he is a baby Red eared slider. He tares the fish up and eats some of them then leaves it and has a new one after a little bit.