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yes as long as it is thick enough and stays on

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Q: Is it ok to put orange tape in the front of airsoft gun?
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Can you get the orange tip out of a airsoft gun?

No. It is there for a reason. Leave it.

How do you make an airsoft gun that looks real?

Don't. That orange stuff is there for a reason.

Is it illegal to remove the orange barrel from an airsoft gun and carry it outside?


How much orange has to be visible on an airsoft gun?

1/4th of the flash hider

What do the colours mean on an airsoft gun?

if you mean orange tip that it is a airsoft gun and that its not a real gun so you dont get shot by cops. if your talking about the bright colors on guns in the UK its the law unless you have a licence.

Does and airsoft gun M16 have a sight on it?

Yes, a front and a rear sight.

Can you put a black tip on a airsoft gun in Florida?

It is a federal offense if you remove the blaze orange tip of an airsoft gun, or any toy designed to look like an actual firearm at that.

Can you airsoft in StLouis?

For what I know airsoft is not "illegal" anywhere. Because airsoft guns are considered toys by the government, as long as you have the orange tip on your gun and your being careful of who you aim at then yes, you can play airsoft in StLouis.

Is it legal to own a non-see through airsoft gun in Canada?

Yes, as long as you have the orange tip, you can have an airsoft gun. Otherwise the police could mistake it for a real gun and you could end up in jail or worse.

Can I legally sell a Japan manufactured airsoft gun that doesn't have a blaze orange tip on it in the US?


Is it illegal in Texas to remove the orange tip of an airsoft gun?

Yes it is illegal in all of America.

Is spray painting an airsoft gun in CT legal?

Due to some city regulations, it is best to keep the orange tip painted orange. Painting the rest of the gun in fine and legal. To receive more information on airsoft gun painting and use, contact your local police department (not 911).