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Is it normal to spot if your pregnant during what should have been your menstrual cycle

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Q: Is it ok to spot if your pregnant after your first missed period?
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Is it normal to spot after your first missed period?

Yes. This is usually left over blood if your pregnant or implantation bleeding.

Am you pregnant if you spot a week before your period?

If you have a period than you are not pregnant

Can a girl have her period when pregnant?

no a girl can not have her period when she is pregnant. some females spot while pregnant and they get that confused with their period.

To be pregnant and have a period one month but miss the next month?

Its not possible you dont have your period at all if you pregnant and you wont have a normal period if you are its possible that it wont even come on which is a missed period. Most women do mistake periods for implantation bleeding (spotting),which is not a period just because they see a red spot or they bleeding on and off their pregnant while their on there period, no it doesnt work that way if you having periods while your pregnant please get checked.

If you have late period for three days and you spot dry discharge are you pregnant?

Probably not pregnant. You just had a short period, for whatever reason.

If the first day you spot does that means you are pregnant?


What does it mean if you spot when you should get your period?

it means that you might be pregnant or that you'er starting your period late

If you haven't started your period an you missed a day with your birth control and you just start spot bleeding are you pregnant?

In some cases yes...lots of things that i heard about the pill is you have to take it on a regular basis or it isn't affective.My brother the doctor told me that.I would recommend if you think you are pregnant or if you missed a day or 2 on the pill then retake the pregnancy test.With alot of people who haven't started their period then more then likely they are pregnant.

What if you spot for a week can you be pregnant?

Yep. You can spot throughout the whole first trimester....

I think i am 5 week pregnant i have missed a period but i havent experience no spotting is this normal?

Well I would say that you should take a home pregnancy test to make should that you are pregnant but I mean I dont think you have to spot to be pregnant some women spot when the baby inplants but that is like 10 days after having sex! but anyways take a test to know for sure that you are pregnant!!!

What does it mean when your lower stomach hurta?

if i spot after my period does that mean im pregnant

How early can you spot while pregnant?

It is normally when your period would be due

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