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No, not really.

The seals in the hubs, cranks etc aren't waterproof for water at that pressure, so it'a a high risk you destroy the bearings.

Not immediately, but after a while, when the water inside has had the time to make stuff rust.

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Q: Is it ok to use a pressure washer to clean your bicycle?
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On our wagons (HGV's) used in a dusty environment we normally use the pressure washer to blast the intercoller radiators clean.

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With a power washer and a little patience.

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A pressure washer can help you quickly clean large areas of all kinds of surfaces. You can pressure wash a home, commercial building, concrete, patio, wooden decks, and so much more. This is done using an electric pressure washer that sprays out a special mix that is designed to not only clean the surface, but help protect it as well. Knoxville Pressure Wash provide full pressure wash services for home, residential and commercial buildings in Knoxville, TN to have House Pressure Washing, Driveways & Sidewalks Cleaning, Graffiti Removal and Roof Cleaning. Call at 865-448-4291 or visit now.

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