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yes it's okay for a girl to call her boyfriend babe! Of course it is. Babe or Baby? Baby is ok

<P>Might want to ask the boyfriend how he feels about it. Some people like pet names and some don't. If he has no objection I don't see why it should be a problem for a girl to call her boyfriend babe. I admit, though, that calling someone else babe implies a bit of maturity on the part of the one saying it. I would probably find it a bit uncomfortable to hear my 15 year old daughter call her boyfriend babe and would alternately find it a little too familiar a term for her boyfriend to use in addressing her. Pet names like sweetie, honey and babe implies a higher level of intimacy than boyfriend or girlfriend.</P>

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Q: Is it okay for a girl to call her boyfriend babe?
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Not really, I call most guys babe anyway. If they feel uncomfortable about it then yeah its wrong but if they are okay with it then it should be fine.

Can you get in trouble if the girl is 13 and the boyfriend is 15?

no, that's okay.

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under absolutely no circumstances It is okay if the boyfriend says it is okay.

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It doesn't matter about age but you really CANT call ANY crush your boyfriend unless he is your boyfriend. TRUST ME THE WRONG WAY TO GO IS TO CALL HIM YOUR BOYFRIEND COZ THEN HE WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN

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Yes I'd say so bub, it's completely okay babe. :) -wink, wink--Tancred Torroson.

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No its not, unless she simply looks at relationships as just friends who kiss and stuff. Why didn't she ask her boyfriend? Was it even okay with her boyfriend? think of it like this. you decide to were a another guys jacket instead of your boyfriends, how would see your self?

What do you do when your boyfriend tells more to your friend who is also a girl?

I guess this sometimes happens. It's just like people sometimes have best friends of their opposite sex. It all seems okay if a boy has a girl- bestfriend. But when it comes to that the boy is MY boyfriend, everything is different. Personally, I am okay with it. I tell myself that I have some secrets that I don't want to share with my boyfriend, so does my boyfriend. I must leave him some privacy.

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Yes it is okay. You don't control his life. He can be friends with whom ever he likes. As long as he isn't cheating on you at present.