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Q: Is it okay for a mother to get daughter birth control without fathers knowledge?
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How do weak or meek fathers affect or influence a daughter and her young adult choices in men which causes difficulties in relationships?

Some fathers who appear weak or meek are not at all and it could be the daughter is not listening. If the father spoils the daughter and lets her do as she wants without any interference then he is either too weak to set down house rules or just does not care what she does. By treating the daughter in this manner the daughter will often choose weak men that she can control as she did her father and abhors a man that tries to control her and thus, she is confused and is afraid to let a man have his opinion in the relationship with her which leads to difficulties in relationships.

Can you adopt your lesbian partners daughter without the fathers consent?

This depends on where you live. And no, I think he has to give up his parental rights.

Do you control the muscular system or does it function without knowledge?

You have both an involuntary and a voluntary muscular system.

What age are you allowed to get prescription birht control without parents knowledge?

17 I believe: ask at the pharmacy.

Your daughter is seventeen In Virginia can she move out on her own against her fathers will?

No. She can, however, go before a judge and request to be emancipated without your consent. You can try to contest it, too.

When was Without My Daughter created?

Without My Daughter was created in 2002.

Knowledge without wisdom?

Knowledge without wisdom can be dangerous.

Can a parent send her minor daughter to a mental health facility if she is pregnant without the baby's fathers permission?

The parent has every right to do as needed for a child who has not reached the age of consent. Pregnancy makes no difference--the age of the girl trumps everything. The baby's father has no control at all.

Can a policy be done to a child by a single mother without the knowledge of father?

It is unlikely that any policy can be 'done' to a child. However if you mean take out an insurance policy then certainly. Anyone can do so with or without the fathers permission.

What is spyware software?

Spyware software aims to gain access to your personal or an organization's information organization without their knowledge. The obtained information is then sent to another entity without the consent of the user. It also asserts control over a device without the user's knowledge.

What is the duration of Not Without My Daughter?

The duration of Not Without My Daughter is 1.93 hours.

How old is Steve Perry's daughter?

Steve has 1 daughter that was born without his knowledge. She found him when she was around 13 and he was on tour with Frontiers. He has NEVER publicly acknowledged her as his daughter, but she was been photographed and seen with him many times. She is married with 2 young boys.

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