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They could, but like any other creature they prefer to be wild. They need to hunt for their food (although I am sure you provide that) and keep warm. When the cold weather comes rats looks for places such as cellars, chimneys to keep warm. They love insullation in homes. Rats are one of the most misunderstood creatures. Of course years ago they did carry diseases and still can (but only depending on the environment they live in.) Most rats in small towns will hang out around railway yards for scraps of grain, etc. Rats are constantly grooming themselves, and if one takes a look around when they are out I've seen dirtier people than rats could ever hope to be. Still, the stigmatism is there. My brother and I each had a rat and we'd teach them tricks (highly intelligent.) They eventually got away on us and in some ways I was happier for it because I can't stand to see caged birds, rodents, etc. Rule of thumb, if wild, leave them in peace and buy a dog, cat or fish. Marcy _________________ Not sure what's meant by "prefers to be wild" pet rats being domesticated they would prefer your companianship. Being kept oustide are good on the conditions 1) They're protected from the elements, can't be too hot or too cold 2) protected from predators. Mesh must be small enough so raccoons can't put their hands through, and plenty of places to hide or make a proud stand 3) Must must must not be forgotten. They need attention everyday. 4) Must be prepared to take them inside due to any reason, incuding infestation (fleas lice, ect, don't say they can't get them, I had to personally treat my rats because of that)

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Q: Is it okay for rats to live in an outdoor cage?
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Is it okay for rats to sneeze?

yes i have had rats and they sneezed alot! it was usally because their cage needed a cleaning so just try it!

Is only one rat okay?

No. Rats should be in pairs or more. They become lonely and depressed if kept in a cage all by themselves.

What is the name of the cage in which rats are kept?

There is no specific name for a cage for rats, its just based on what the housing is. So a cage for rats is just a cage. (Just like a hutch for rabbits is still a hutch even with no rabbits in)

Why are rats afraid of cages?

Not all rats are afraid of cages. My rats have always loved their cage, and when let out to play would wander in and out at their leisure. If you have rats who are afraid of their cage maybe there is something in the cage they do not like, maybe the cage is too small, maybe the cage is not comfortable enough or in a good position. Maybe there is something near the cage that scares the rats or maybe they do not get enough playtime and then resist going back into their cage. There are many reasons why a rat may be fearful of their cage, so there is no definitive answer.

Do you love mice?

Mice are okay... RATS are better. They're much more interactive and won;t run away from you if you take them out of their cage.

What do rats like in there cage?


Can two female fancy rat live in the same cage?

Yes! It is actually recommended that you keep at least 2 rats together, if not more! Make sure the cage is large enough and give them a while outside of the cage to get to know each other. Rats are very social animals and do not like to like to live alone.

Is a large hamster cage a good cage for a two rats?

yes it could be if you make it suitable for your rats needs.

Can rats live together?

Yes, some rats can live together. There are certain types of rats that dont like to live with each other. If you want 2 rats in the same cage, i would recommend getting 2 rats from the same species. Liek if your going to get a dumbo dwarf rat. You should get another dumbo dwarf so they live good with each other.

What shoul you do if a mother mouse rejects her baby mice?

Get the baby rats out of the cage and take them to the vet to make sure they are okay would be my first action!!

Can rats live on a birdcage?

Yes they can, cause my two rats twoi and claw live in a big bird cage. It is so much better for them cause it usually has more room then a rat cage. But please be careful because my rat once got out of a gap but we found him outside the cage under it and we just put secure screen the one on the windows and doors. But yes they can live in a bird Cage and trust me thy will absolutly love it .

Can pet rats and cats live together?

Yes, but you have you have the rats in one room with the door closed and they have a roomy cage, and the cats go everywhere. Just make sure to take out the rats and play with them.

Can rats be in bird cage?

nonooo !

What types of rodents can rats live with?

Rats cannot live with guinea pigs. Although there may be some exceptions, rats and guinea pigs generally do not get along well at all. The same goes for rats and mice. Each type of rodent should have it's own cage and living area.

Can hairless rats and regular rats go in the same cage?

yeshhh. my uncle did it ^-^

Can a rabbit and rats live together in the same cage?

NO. Rats EAT rabbits. Rats are omnivores and rabbits are herbivore prey animals. I've owned both rabbits and rats, and one of my rats acctually bit one of my rabbits for getting too close to me. So most DEFINATELY NOT.

Should rats and hamsters be in the same cage?


Should fancy rats have cage partners?


Do rats go through hamster tunnels?

They will, but rats must be kept in a metal cage.

Do rats have nest?

yup, wild ones almost always do. And pet rats have their cage.

Can a rat live in a bird cage?

Only if it is a large bird cage with multiple levels. The wire may be harsh on the rats feet so you should lay bedding on all levels for padding.

What if your guinea pigs live in a cage outside. Now you find there are two RATS that come to the cage at night looking for food. Willl they hurt your piggies. What can you do to stop them?

First of all, guinea pigs shouldn't really live outside because it makes their life shorter, so if i were you i would just buy a indoor guinea pig cage and bring it inside so there will be no more rats!

What should the minimum size of a cage for two rats be?

I own two full grown adult rats, and my cage is 3 stories...and around 200cm in height .. 120cm in lengh and 90cm in my opinion that would be the minium size cage for two ADULT rats.... in my opinion this a good rat cage for this size and this price (ebay is the best place to look)

Do rats eat corn?

Rats love corn, especially when the ears of corn are dried out and hung in their cage.

Are pet rats easy to travel with?

Just keep it in it's cage or travel cage and it will be all right.