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Yes, it is ok to exchange saliva. It's called kissing. In fact it is even quite enjoyable.

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How is the HIV transmitted through the exchange of what?

HIV is transferred by body fluids such as blood, seman and vaginal secreations. But not spit you can't get HIV through spit

What if there is brown stuff in your spit after you eat an ice cream?

It's okay because that's just the color of the ice cream and if you ate it, it would get into your salivia and make your spit brown.

Is it bad for your daughter to swallow her toothpaste?

I did when I was a kid and ended up okay. I still would have her spit it out though.

Is it okay for your hamster to eat a bunch of food then go to its wheel spit it out and eat it again PS when they spit it up it is brownish yellowish liquid?

it is definetly okay for it to eat it then spit it up. because in the wild they didnt have time to eat it were it was they needed to take it back to there cave but i dont know about liquid. also makesure it doesnt let the food rot there cuz if eaten it can die

Is it okay to take a new sheet of printing paper chew it then spit it out?

no, it is not, however it is not dangerous, although if this is regular, you should seek help

On the first page of a newsletter what does it consist of the information above the multiple columns?

let me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on you

Why is spit called spit?

The correct term for spit is "saliva". people call it spit because of the action of spitting.

What nicknames does Joe Spit go by?

Joe Spit goes by Joe Spit.

Do camels spit?

Nocamelsdon't spit

What is the subphylum of dogs?

there spit there spit

Do salamanders spit?

no they do not spit poison

Do llamas sneeze or spit?

They spit

Where does spit come from?

spit is a backwash from the humans spit glands amoungst a human throut. people spit because the spit is acutally toxins or germs that are realsed in a liquid.

Does a llama or alpaca spit?

Yes, llamas and alpacas do spit. It is VERY nasty!Llamas spit out of irritation and over food, they generally spit at other llamas.Not all alpacas spit.

Do all snakes spit?

No, just spitting cobras.Only king cobras spit,they don't just spit saliva they spit venom too.

Do elephants have spit?

yes they have spit you dummy

Famous Example of a spit?

you spit dip

Do kangaroos spit when they are frightened?

No. Kangaroos do not spit.

Why do praying mantis spit?

They don't spit.

Why llamas spit?

Llamas spit when there angry or when the owner does not stop annoying them. They spit to protect themselves

What is the name of the largest sand spit on earth?

The longest sand spit on earth is the Curonian Spit.

What is the German equivalent of spit roast?

to spit roast = am Spieß braten a spit roast = Spießbraten

Do grasshoppers spit tobacco?

Grasshoppers do not spit tobacco. The only way to spit tobacco is to chew tobacco, which grasshoppers do not. However, they do spit as a defense mechanism.

Do iguanas spit?

Yes! I have seen them sneeze spit from their mouth but usually they will spit water from their nose it they get some in there.

Why do Alpacas Spit?

they spit when they are sad, mad, male alpacas spit at eachother, or protection of themselves or their young