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NO Oil is the reason your skin is breaking out.

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Q: Is it okay to massage olive oil on your face is you have acne prone skin?
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What face cream can you use for an acne-prone skin?

You can make homemade cream for your face if you have acne-prone skin. Just take a look at Pinterest online. You can also by creams like ProActive or shop at your local beauty supply store.

Is baking soda with water good for a face mask?

Yes, If you suffer from oily or acne-prone skin, this face mask is for you.

Can olive oil face massage worsen your wrinkles and enlarge face bones is it possible?

No, massage and oil are not going to make wrinkles worse or enlarge bones.

How do you get a clean face?

Wash reguarly, and use a non-oily lotion. I use Neutrogena acne prone soap.

What is the meaning of complextion?

Complexion means your skin your face dry,oily,combination,normal,acne prone and so on

How do you make homemade face moisturizer My face tends to be oily and acne prone so I've been using an acne medicine and it dries out my skin badly Any tips?

Since your face is oily and acne prone and the medicine dries it out badly, the first tip is to consider changing to a different medication. Using coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil every day will help your dry skin issues.

Could heavy makeup cause more pimples?

Yes, if you already have an acne prone skin then makeup can irritate the skin and cause acne. Also, if make up is not removed properly you can get acne. The best acne treatment for this condition is to not apply makeup especially when you have a lot of acne on the face.

Acne face dry?

Acne prone skin can also be dry skin, this is usually called combination skin. You have to use an acne wash, and to counterbalance the effects that has on the dry parts of your face you will have to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Talk to your doctor about this, he may be able to refer you to a dermatologist who can help.

What can you massage on your face to remove acne?

Go to your doctors and just ask them to prescribe something for acne. Will get either a pill, cream or roll on, don't have any side effects as far as I'm aware.

How do you get my parents care about my acne and get me treatment?

Tell your parents that your acne is bothering you and lowers your confidence. Ask them if they can buy you an acne fighting face wash for $5- $10 from the drugstore. You can also use home remedies such as honey, lemon, or olive oil to help with your acne.

Can the use of olive oil on face result in the growth of facial hair?

Olive oil on skin will not improve hair growth. But it will clog your pores, resulting in black heads (a form of acne).

Do you get acne by face painting?


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