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What you want to do is buy some adult diapers and put them on at the same time put on a bra and lie in bed.

I started wearing a bra when I was 10, and I didn't even have anything to put in it yet. I would say the you should start wearing a bra like NOW

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โˆ™ 2011-05-04 20:11:45
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Q: Is it okay to not wear a bra at age 13?
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If your 13 and your bust is developing is it okay to wear a bra to bed Does It Help Or Anything Or Does It Make It Worse?

Wearing a bra to bed at the age of 13 will prevent your breasts from developing anyfurther so it would make it worse!

You are 13 and your bra size is 12C is that normal?

I am a 16 year old girl and I wear the bra size 34AA and when I was 13 my breasts did not even start growing and I did not have a training bra when I was 13. You should talk to your mom or a doctor cause your bra size is not normal for your age.

Can a 13-year-old boy wear a bra?

A 13 year old boy can wear a bra if he wants or needs to. A boy wearing a bra is not a common thing.

What type of bra should a 13 year old boy wear?

Boys are not supposed to wear a bra!!!!

Is it okay to wear your boyfriends sweatshirt at age 13?

yeah as long as it doesn't have a penis on it or anything :/

Is it bad that you are 13 and wear an under wire bra?


What is your bra size and age?

34 dd age 13

You are 13 years oldCan you wear a bra?

Of course! Girls grow breasts at many different ages. 13 is a very normal time to wear a bra. I was 12 when I started.

When should a girl buy a bra?

Around the age 9-13, a girl will get her first bra or training bra.

Should you wear a cup bra?

you should wear one if your breast are big enough I started wearing a training bra at age 7 to get used to it I actually needed it at age 8 and a half and I started wearing size 36A at age 9 I am now 13 and wear size 38C and my mom says I'm almost ready for a 32D so really any age but defiantly in 6th grade you should start wearing a cup bra I started wearing a training bra at 7. I got my first cup bra at 8. I'm 13 now and I'm a size 36DD. By the end of your 5th grade year you should definatly be wearing a cupped bra.

A 13 year old girl should wear a bra?

It depends on weather they have boobs or not to depend on them wearing a bra

You want to wear a silk bra but have small breast since I'm only 13?

I wear a bra because i have big titties . I am 11 i am not sure what you mean though. I wear a cup bra try that .I your titties are not big do not worry about an underwire

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