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no, but in all the petz games it is

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โˆ™ 2009-09-20 12:56:21
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Q: Is it possible for Nintendogs to have babies?
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If Nintendogs have babies do they stay that small?

Nintendogs will never have babies

Why can't dogs on Nintendogs have babies?

idk why they didnt let nintendogs have babys but if you have the manual for nintendogs it will say that none of the nintendogs games allows you to have babies.

How do you get a trampoiline on Nintendogs?

It is not possible to get a trampoline on Nintendogs.

Can dogs in Nintendogs have babies?

No, they're puppies.

In Nintendogs can you make your own breeds coz i want a bordercollie but they dont do it on Nintendogs?

Your dogs can't even have babies on nintendogs. I have had my nintendogs for 2 years now, and i have never had any babies. I have looked into this and all the sources i find say you cannot have babies on nintendogs, therefore I doubt you can make your own breeds, sorry. it sucks bad but try try try

Why can't you get babies on Nintendogs?

Because it's a game

How do you get a pointer in nintendogs?

This is not possible, as the Pointer is not available in any version of Nintendogs.

How do you get pomeranians in Nintendogs?

Is is not possible to get Pomeranians in Nintendogs since this breed is not available in the game.

Can two different breeds have babies on nintendogs?

unfortunately, you can't breed dogs in nintendogs. either it's the same breed or not. :(

Can you have babies on Nintendogs plus cats?

NO but that would be epic lolhope i helped

Can a dog on Nintendogs have babies?

just like people can but up the butt.

Is it possible to get West Highland White Terriers in Nintendogs?

No, West Highland White Terriers are not available in Nintendogs.

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