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Yes, and she should find a good lawyer too.

2006-07-17 12:07:42
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Q: Is it possible for a birth mother in Florida to get her rights back if the adoption agency lied to her?
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Can mother sign her rights without father consent to a adoption agency?


What rights does a birth mother have to contact an adopted child?

In the United States the rights of a birth mother to contact an adopted child are determined by state law. If an adoption agency handled the adoption, then the birth mother has no rights until the child is of legal age. After that, the adoption agency will usually help the birth mother find the adopted child.

How can you find your birth mother if you don't know her name?

find out what adoption agency your from and ask them.

How can you find your birth mother in UK?

ring your adoption agency and go from there good luck

How does an adopted adult go about locating his birth mother?

I contacted the adoption agency in the town where I was adopted from. You could be assigned a case manager who will work with you.

How can a 16 year old find her biological mother?

If she was adopted, there is a record of her biological parent, call the adoption agency she came from. if she wasnt adopted it almost impossible to find the biological mother.

How do you reverse an adoption in California so children can return to birth mother?

you cant reverse an adoption, whens the babys been handed away, its most likely you wont see them again, the adoption agency isn't allowed to give you the babys new address or new name, its all legal, even if your the birth mother:(x

Parents looking for children to adopt?

Any parent looking to adopt should check with their city/state about kids up for adoption. Contact a local adoption agency to find out who is up for adoption. Make sure you know if you want to have an open or closed adoption (open is the birth parents can contact the child closed is they can not) and be prepared for adoption to be set up and then fall though (the birth mother/father stop the adoption process).

How do you look for children of your past?

There is a national registry that you can sign and give contact information to just incase your child ever looks for you. Also give identifying information to the adoption agency in case your child calls them looking for information. I always encourage adopted people to find as much medical history as possible. In my case, all I did was contact the adoption agency that I was adopted from(looking for medical history), gave them my identifying information and they found that my birth mother had written numerous letters since my adoption. They kept them on file and when they found that she had signed this registry I was able to read them and contact her.

What does your money pay for when you adopt?

It depends on the type of adoption. For overseas adoption, some might go to the child's birth country's government to cover various fees, some might go to the agency who provides care for the child and other children as they wait for families, some goes to the home study agency, some goes to government fees in our own country. For an adoption in the US, lots of the cost goes to the agency to pay the folks who work with you doing the home study, who work with the birth mother, etc. If you have ANY concerns about costs, a reputable agency will be able to give you a precise cost breakdown. If they cannot, they are NOT the agency to trust.

Can a mother get her child back after giving them up for adoption as a kinship or relative adoption?

no, she cannot

Can a black woman adopt a white infant?

Yes. There is no reason a black woman couldn't adopt a white infant as long as the woman fulfilled all of the requirements that are mandatory of all adoptive parents. It is discriminatory for a possible adoptive parent or parents to be judged by the color of their skin. The Dept of Child Services will try to place children with family first, if possible, before they are put in foster care or put up for adoption. But, adoption of a child through DCS or an adoption agency should not depend on the color of their skin or nationality. There is an exception; if it is a private/personal adoption, the mother has the right to place her baby with whomever she feels is suitable.

How can an adopted person find their birth mother?

Ask your adoptive mother or father to see your birth certificate (if possible) or your adoption certificate. The birth certificate will probably help a little more, but the adoption certificate will work just fine. These documents are KEY in finding your birth mother.Find your birth mother's name. It should be on the certificate.Google her!

Can a man who is married adopt a child without his wife if the child has a mother already in other cwords his god daughter has no father he wants to father her in case of anything but she has a mom?

This varies from state to state. You should call an adoption agency or adoption attorney in the state where the child resides.

How do you adopt a child in Texas without an agency?

You have to have completed the home study and been approved for adoption. Then if you know a mother willing to give up her child you get a lawyer and she gets one too and they prepare the paperwork. After everyone has signed the lawyers finish it in court where you also have to be to have the adoption finalized.

How can a biologic mother over turn a adoption?

She would have to prove some legal defect in the adoption proceeding.

How does parental mother relinquish her rights to father and step mother for step mother adoption?

You need a lawyer to do this.

When does a mother sign over her rights when she's gives a baby up for adoption?

At the final proceeding to approve the adoption.

What are the differences between closed and open adoption?

Open adoption is when the biological mother/father, and their child are still allowed to meet and see eachother, even after the adoption process is complete. Closed adoption is when the biological mother/father of the baby can see their child for a year after the adoption. They can send pictures, letters, etc. After the one year, they have no contact with them, until the child is 18.

Can a biological mother give her child up for adoption to the non bilogical father that has been raising the child since birth?

She can; that would be a private adoption and would still require either an agency or a lawyer, since the father-to-be would have to undergo the same home study process as any adoptive parent.

Is esma the mother in twilight?

Esme is the mother figure (through "adoption", not biological) of the Cullen family.

Please help how can you find nephew who was given up for adoption in nm during the Vietnam War biological father is m frustere and biologial mother is j dax married name living in New Mexico?

If the adoption was handled through an agency of the NM state government or an agency within NM that is licensed by the NM state government, you should be able to begin your search there. CAUTION: You will need to prove your legal "standing" to wish to pursue this information since, by-and-large, adoption records are notopen public records.

If you had put your baby up for adoption are you still a mother?

Yes, a woman is still the biological mother of her child, so she is still a mother.

Can the father put child up for adoption without consent of mother?


What steps are needed for a pregnant teenager in order to place their child up for adoption?

The mother (the teen whatever) would have to locate a local adoption center and see the state/city's process for adoption.