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the question is very simple.no a body does not have acceleration when it is moving with constant velocity ,because a body posses acceleration when its velocity is not remain conserved or constant.yes if a body have constant speed it may have acceleration but not in case of constant velocity.

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If an object has zero acceleration and does that mean its velocity is zero and Explain?

If an object has zero acceleration, its velocity doesn't have to be zero. Acceleration is a measure of the change in velocity over time. Zero acceleration means there is no change in velocity over time, namely constant velocity. Constant velocity can be any velocity (including zero velocity or "at rest"), so the object's velocity doesn't have to be zero to have zero acceleration.

Can object travilling at constant speed have an acceleration Explain?

Yes. Acceleration is defined as a change in velocity, and velocity is a measure of speed AND direction. Maintaining a constant speed while rounding a corner is an example of acceleration.

Explain why a raindrop falling vertically in a still air reaches a constant velocity?

The air resistance will increase to the point where it counters the downward acceleration.

Can an object have a constant speed and the varying velocity at the same time explain?

Yes. In order for an object's velocity to be constant, its speed and direction of motion must both be constant. An object moving in a circle, for example, has varying velocity, even if its speed is constant. This situation is known as "uniform circular motion," and the acceleration in this case is called "centripetal [center-seeking] acceleration."

Explain the circumstances when the acceleration and the velocity of car are parallel?

when velocity of a car is increasing then velocity and acceleration are parallel to each other.

Is it possible for a body to have an acceleration when moving with constant speed explain?

Yes, it's acceleration will be zero because the velocity isn't changing, but it has an acceleration. Think of it in terms of integration and derivation. Acceleration is the derivative of velocity, so if velocity is a constant number the acceleration must be zero.Generally if value of acceleration is "zero", we consider it to mean that there is NO acceleration. The question that was actually answered above was "Can acceleration be DEFINED fora body moving at constant speed?"It is possible for an object to be moving at a constant angular speed and yet have an effective acceleration in a tangential direction.===========================================Both of you guys are missing the most important point here, with the resultthat you have to twist your own arm almost to the point of dislocation in orderto state an answer.The essential underlying consideration is that, contrary to popular misconception,"acceleration" does not mean 'speeding up', or even 'changing speed'. It means"change in velocity", and "velocity" means "speed anddirection". If either speedor direction change, then that means there is 'acceleration'.The answer to the question is simple, and almost entirely non-technical. It is:"Yes, because 'acceleration' means change of either speed or direction. So, ifthe direction of the body's motion is changing, then the body has acceleration,even if its speed is constant."

Explain the circumstences in which the velocity accelerationof a body are parallel?

Explain circumstances, in which the velocity acceleration of a body is parallel?

When the body moves with uniform velocity its acceleration is?

When the body moves with uniform velocity its acceleration is 0. Pls explain.

Explain the relationship between velocity and acceleration?

Acceleration is the change in velocity over a period of time. a = v/t

Can an object have constant velocity and still have varying speed..explain?

Velocity is a vector. A vector has a magnitude and a direction. The scalar or magnitude portion of velocity is speed. Velocity is a constant only when both the speed and direction are not varying. Hence, when the speed is changing, the velocity cannot be a constant.

Can you have a zero acceleration but non zero velocity explain it with help of a graph?

Yes, you can. Zero acceleration simply means there is no CHANGE in velocity. It doesn't mean there is no velocity.

If you hit a hockey puck and it slides across the ice at nearly constant speed is a force keeping it in motion explain?

F=ma constant speed would mean 'a' acceleration is zero thus force zero. The puck would be in equilibrium, and the force would be zero at constant motion. Constant motion is constant velocity including the constant zero velocity.

Can a moving body have velocity and acceleration in opposite directions explain with in example?

Of course. A car with brakes applied and slowing down has forward velocity and rearward acceleration.

Explain why an object in a state of equilibrium could be either in motion or stationary?

Stating that an object is in a state of equilibrium means that it has no forces currently acting on it. An object without forces acting upon it has no acceleration or deceleration. This means that if it was already moving, it would continue moving in the same direction and at the same speed (i.e. it would have constant velocity). If it was not moving, it would continue not moving (i.e. it would be stationary).

Can a body have acceleration without velocity explain?

Yes, a body can have aceleration without velocity. Consider sin x the position; cos x is the velocity and -sin x is the acceleration. Here the acceleration negative when x=90 degrees and the velocity is zero at 90 degrees.

Explain the circumstances in which the velocity and acceleration of the body is parallel?

the acceleration of the car is increasind.Then the v and a are parallel to each other.

Are you accelerating if you are traveling in a constant direction with constant speed and explain?

If you are traveling in a constant direction with constant speed there are no changes in velocity, so you are not accelerating.

Explain why circular motion includes continuous acceleration even when the speed does not change?

Acceleration involves a change in velocity. In the case you mention, the speed doesn't change, but the velocity does. The term "velocity" includes the direction of the movement, and the direction does change.

Explain the term terminal velocity?

The point at which the acceleration due to gravity is equal to the friction of the air dragging on the object (generally). When the two are equal, they cancel out and no more acceleration occurs, causing the object to have attained the fastest speed possible.

Explain how distance time and velocity are related to each other?

They are related through the formula distance = time x velocity (assuming constant velocity).

Can a body have constant velocity but have variable speed explain?

No. Speed is the magnitude of velocity. If the speed varies, so will the velocity, even if you are moving in a uniform direction.

Does a change in direction affect velocity explain?

A change in direction does cause a change in velocity. Speed is increased due to acceleration when direction is reversed.

Explain how positive and negative acceleration affect motion?

when the acceleration of the body is positive its mean that its velocity is increasing and the speed of the motion also increases and speed will decrease when acceleration is negative.

Explain why the slowing down of a moving object is considered to be a form of acceleration?

Acceleration is the change of velocity, with direction. Therefore slowing down is a change in veolcity, so is considered to be acceleration (just negative acceleration).

Explain Why a change in velocity effects acceleration?

It doesn't "affect" it. Acceleration is DEFINED as (delta v) / (delta t), or change in velocity divided by the time elapsed; so whenever you have a delta-v, you'll have an acceleration (the amount of which also depends on the time elapsed).

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