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No. To get pregnant, there needs to be sperm and and egg. Eggs come from girls and sperm from boys.


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No, it's not possible to get pregnant from a kiss.

Yes, it is possible (depending on how developed the girl is, of course), for an 11-year-old boy to get a 13-year-old girl pregnant.

Yes.A girl can even get pregnant if the boy does pull out.

If a boy just hugs a girl tightly, no. She will not be pregnant.

Yes, it is possible to transfer a boy to girl.

no, they would have to have sex for the girl to get pregnant.

Yes, but its possible the girl would need shots if she got pregnant.

Do you think that was what happens with the Virgin Mary? Pregnancy is possible but extremely (and I do mean EXTREMELY) unlikely.

Yep. If the girl has started her mentrual cycle, then it is definitely possible!

Not possible, only females get pregnant.

yes she can but if you dont have sex the girl will not be pregnant.

There's no way the girl will get pregnant, because the boy did not ejaculate, so that means no sperm or semen excreted that will fertilize a mature egg of the female.

Yes, a 13 year old boy can make a girl pregnant.

The male carries the gene for a boy or girl baby, not the girl

if you have sex with a 16yo boy and you are a 16yo girl of course you risk getting pregnant. 16yo get pregnant every day.

absolutely not, however, it is almost impossible for a girl to force a boy to have sex.

yes. my brother got a girl pregnant when he was about 15. its possible

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