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If a guy thinks you are blowing him off because he knows another guy wants you and he says to you Oh you don't need me now that you have him does that mean he is alittle jealous or cares about you?

I think that would mean that he is jealous, but to be jealous he obviously has to care about you.

What does it mean when a guy says that he is jealous of anyome who gets you?

I think that it probably means that he likes you. maybe he is just really close to you and knows how lucky he is, but doesn't see you that way. it is possible to be jealous without truly wanting.

Have you ever had visitors from another planet?

Its possible nobody knows what alliens look like

Why is your friend talking to your crush and she knows you like him?

Because she wants to make you jealous. And she is into him

Why does a girl flirt with another boy when she knows you like her?

Just to make you jealous cause if she knows you like her then she's tryin' to make you make a move. Because she may not be interested in you or she likes to make you jealous.. Multiple reasons are possible: 1. The girl is not interested and is trying to get you to go away, or annoy you. 2. The girl is testing how far you would go to get her. This does not necessarily mean that she's interested. 3. The girl is insecure, and doesn't think herself worthy of a relationship with you. A lot of the time, the girl doesn't know why she's doing it.

What should I do about my best friend cos I'm totally in love with her but shes started dating another guy even though she knows i like her?

maybe she's making you jealous to test your love for her

Is Justin bieber jelous from Cody Simpson?

no. Justin Bieber is not jealous, because he knows he is better

Why was he looking at you wean he was dancing with your friend?

because your jealous, and he wants you to know, that he knows...your watching, or they just kissed :-)

What does that mean if a guy is jealous whenever he sees you with a guy and always tries to make you jealous by hugging any girl he knows around you?

It means he's really into you and wants to see if you like him back!!!

Is Zac Efron jealous of Robert Pattinson?

Actually, word says it that Zac Efron IS exclusively jealous of Rob, but interviewed by a reporter he quotes, "No, I'm actually relieved that Pattinson is taking away the fanmob and giving me a break." So there you have it, no one knows for sure. My opinion is -Yes, Zac is jealous of Rob- but having the quote on KIIS FM and magazines everywhere, no one knows for sureeee.

What do you do if your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends?

Make him feel as loved as you possibly can so that he knows you wouldn't ever cheat on him.

If a girl says she loves you but doesn't feel comfortable with you how do you make her physically attracted to you if she tells you how she wants to marry you and have kids and knows names already?

go out with another girl, if she loves you she will become jealous and begin getting comfortable with you.

What is Alice's story?

no one really knows who turned Alice but it is believed that an elderly vampire turned her 2 save her from the tracker James

Are bigfoot real?

Its very possible it is and very possible it isn't no one really knows.

Im in love with your best friend you think about her all the time you get jealous when she is with your other friends she is a lesbian and everyone knows but nobody knows that you are what shall you d?

i think you should kiss her and see what happens

Are the pendragon books going to get turned into a movie?

no one really knows for sure, but i hope they do!

What is Shakespeare first job?

Nobody knows the answer to this. We have not turned up a copy of his resume yet.

Another word for knows?


Will there be another Titanic?

nobody knows

What is another wird for knows?


Is there another planet with living organisms in the universe?

yes there is life on another planet but not any living organisms there are trees water plants and oxygen.well it is possible there may be any living organism planet except earth in another galaxy.only god knows

My dog is jealous because i got a new dog what should i do?

If your dog is jealous because you got a new dog then try spending time alone with the dog so he/she knows they still have your attention. In time the jealousy should subside.

Where will the next war occur?

There are 3 possible places, but nobody really knows because u can't tell the future. One possible way is Russia or China or both at war against the U.S. Another is North Korea invading South Korea. Another is Israel vs. Iran.

Is Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus fighting?

Well not exactly. They are both friends. It's just that ever since Selena has become famous, Miley has become jealous. When Miley was famous then Selena was jealous. God knows if they are fighting. Both of them are famous so maybe both of them are jealous of each other right now.

When a guy knows you like them why do they flirt with the girl sitting right next to you in class?

This is because they want to see if you will get jealous and if he sees that you're jealous then he'll start to stop and he may go after you. It is a way of playing hard to get and seeing if you truly like him.

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