Is it possible for a man to truly love you but be so scared of commitment that he keeps running?


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Men are strange creatures when it comes to love and are often not as direct or clear about the topic as they would be with other factors in their lives. Love is an overwhelming emotion for both men and women and our reactions to those feelings of love get muddled and confused with what our brains advise us to do. I believe a man in love could continue to "run" if he is confused about where his actions may lead him in the future. Men tend to be more comfortable living their lives in their old habits and change can be a scary thing to fathom.But if the other person involved can recognize this as part of the problem, and feels as if there is a future with this man, I would suggest that they stick with him and reassure him that love is good and change is okay, and his life does not have to change for the worse because he chooses to commit to his love.


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