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Reasons for cheating just aren't that simple. Personally, I have zero tolerance for cheating. If people communicated more they could discuss their relationship problems and if they can't be fixed then they have the option of splitting up and both can date whom they wish to date. She may not be getting what she needs from you. More attention, loving support, compliments, etc., and she could well have accidently bumped into a guy that has filled these needs for her. There are some women that will actually look for another guy and have every intention of cheating, but this young woman doesn't seem to be this way. We all have feelings and needs and sometimes if our needs are not met we can do some pretty stupid things. Please sit down with her and communicate. It doesn't sound like you know for sure that she's cheating on you and I wouldn't rely on second-hand info from so-called friends. The best thing to do is talk it out with her.

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Q: Is it possible for a woman who truly has morals and integrity to cheat in a relationship or would her cheating mean her personality was just a facade?
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If you are in a long-distance relationship and your girlfriend stays out late drinking without calling and acts distant is she cheating?

It is quite possible. Alcohol has a direct relationship to the concept of cheating.

Is it possible to have a relationship with a guy who has left his wife after trying for three years to cope with her cheating on him?

Yes. It is very possible.

Is it possible for someone to leave a relationship for another and come back to the first when diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder?

Is it possible yes, is it right no.

How do you have a relationship with someone who has borderline personality disorder?

In order to have a functional relationship with someone who has borderline personality disorder the main thing is to accept that they have a condition and to be able to provide support and understanding. If you are willing to live with it, then you can make the relationship work. Offer support, learn about the illness, and work with them to make it as manageable as possible.

What should you do if your boyfriend thinks your cheating when you are not?

* Jealousy has no place in a loving relationship and trust and good communication skills is a must. If you always have to prove to him you aren't cheating then your relationship will surely fail. Communicate with him and ask him why he feels you are cheating when you are not. It's possible he has been cheated on before or perhaps even one of his parents cheated and he is paranoid over this. If he is not willing to discuss this problem and resolve it with you then it would be to your best interest to break off the relationship.

Is he cheating because he is ignoring your texts and calls?

It is possible he is ignoring your texts and calls because he is cheating or there is a slight possibility he is busy. He may well be taking the easy way out of any relationship you may have had with him and if possible you should try to meet up with him if you know where he will be and ask him for an honest answer as to where your relationship stands. It is simply making him responsible for his own actions and not letting him get off that easy.

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When my boyfriend don't treat me equal in our relationship what should I think?

If hes not treating you how your treating him its possible he might not be into you, he could be cheating but there are plenty of fish in the sea and someone will love you right

How can you tell your friend that their girlfriend is cheating on them?

be as honest and sensitive as possible and make sure that you have proof that the person was cheating

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