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Yes, it is possible on windows XP home for a limited account to gain System privileges. (above administrator) Go to Start > Run Type in "cmd" with out the quotes and press enter. Now type in "at" again with out the quotes. If it responds with an

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How do you create another user on your computer without a administrator?

Control panel- User account- Create a new account

I would like to give administrator rights to another account on the same computer to download something on the computer without giving administrator rights how can i do this?

That's a contradiction. You can't "give administrator rights but not give administrator rights."

How do you erase another administrator account on your computer if you are an administrator?

You need to be the Root (First admin) to do that.

How can the PC be restricted from the users from creating another user account while they are accessing your administrator account?

If they are using an administrative account, there is no way to stop. This is the point, administrator can do anything.

Can the administrator view other profiles account?

The question is not as clear as it might be, but in general, it's true that an administrator can view or make changes to another user's account.

How do you find the password of another account in windows vista?

You can't. However you can change the password of another account in Vista or XP, as long as you are an administrator.

How do you log in as an administrator under user account?

To log on as an administrator, you need to have a user account on the computer with an Administrator account type. If you are not sure if the account that you have on the computer is an administrator account, you can check the account type after you have logged on by doing the following:(The steps that you should follow will vary, depending on whether your computer is on a domain or a workgroup)1.For computer on a domain:Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts, clicking User Accounts, and then clicking Manage User Accounts. Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.Your user name is highlighted and your account type is shown in the Group column.2.If computer is in a workgroupIf your account type is not Administrator, then you cannot log on as an administrator unless you know the user name password for another account on the computer that is an administrator.

How do you get rid of administrator of a computer with windows vista?

The built-in Administrator account CANNOT be deleted. The standard security practice is to rename the built-in Administrator account, set a strong password on it, and create another accounts with limited privileges set, for regular use, reserving the Administrator account as a back-up in case something where to happen to your regular account. If this administrator account is one you made yourself you can delete it. 1) Open the control panel and select the user account option. 2) Select the account you wish to delete then choose the "Delete Account". 3) Then if you wish choose the "Delete all files" option.

Can a bank move your funds from one account to another without your permission?

No. It is your account and the bank cannot move funds from one account to another without your approval or rather without you asking them for it.

How do you loggin in a computer as administrator?

If it's a Dell laptop/computer, as soon as you log in for the first time, it either automatically makes you an administrator or it asks you if you want to become one. If yours is the only account on the computer, then you can change your account from a standard user to an administrator and vice versa whenever you want to. If there's another account on your computer and they are an administrator and your not, you'll have to ask their permission if you ever wanted to do something which the computer recognises as something that needs permission, like changing your account type from standard or guest to administrator. Hope this helped! ;-)

Is there any way to transfer files from one mediafire account to another mediafire account?

No it is not possible to transfer the files from one account to another.

Is it possible to transfer steam games to another account?


Is there a program to disable the setting of a password on the Administrator account?

My son keeps putting a password on the Administrator account and I keep having to get rid of it. (I make him tell me the pass) I don't want to make another User account as I don't go on the computer much. So I'm just asking for a program that makes it so you need to type in a Password TO SET a password on the administrator account. Someone please help!

How do I put one Webkinz on another account when I've already logged it on an account?

I'm sorry but there is no possible way to put a Webkinz on another account. :(

How can you change to administrator from your name?

assuming that you are working from a computer with windows as the operating system: click on start, then on control panel then on user accounts from there you can change the user accounts click on change an account then choose the account you would like to change then change my account type then you have the choice of either computer administrator or a limited account if another user is already registered as computer administrator, this could be tricky. this would then require asking them to shed their responsibilities onto you. to do this they just need to follow the same procedure as above. NOTE: only the computer administrator can change the account types!

Is it possible to transfer one webkinz to another account without making the other account lose everything?

no you can't any way there is no way to transfere a pet to someone elses a count at all

When you log on to a newly installed windows 7 computer for the fist time why can you not use the administrator account?

The first account created on a newly install windows 7 isthe administrators account. There is no need to use another

How do you disable Parental Controls with out the password?

You could create another administrator account... (say like a guest account) its easy and requires no password... Plus you wont have the parental lock.

Is it possible to reuse your email account on youtube after you delete an account?

It is as long as your email address is still valid when you create another account.

Is it possible to transfer farmville dollars to another account?

No its not. but you can contact Zynga about it

TheHIVsemen enter another person from toilet but without sex is it possible?

No. Not possible.

How do you find out the Administrator password on a computer?

If it's your computer just cancel that password using your account (if it's the administrator type account) or a special CD allowing to cancel passwords. If it's not your computer then it's illegal and you chose a wrong place to ask for.

How do you set up an administrative account?

Control panel -> User accounts. Depending on your Windows version you might have to click "Manage another account" before given the possibility to "Create new account". Choose "Administrator" in the setup wizard.

What can you do if you forgot your windows password?

Method 1: Have a rest and try to remember the forgotten password. Sometimes, human being is a little weird. After you have a coffee, or take a snap, you may found that you suddently strike your password. Method 2: Try No Password Administrator Login Backdoor In Windows XP (not Windows Vista as Administrator account is not enabled by default), there is built-in Administrator user account, that has administrative credentials, enabled by default, and without any password to protect the account from been access. If you didn't change this Administrator's password, then try to sign in to Windows XP without password. Method 3: Reset password from another user account with administrator credentials If you cannot log on to Windows by using a particular user account, but you can log on to another account that has administrative credentials, follow these steps on how to do the trick: Log on to Windows by using an administrator account that has a password that you remember. You may need to start WinXP in safe mode. Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type "control userpasswords, and then click OK. Click the user account that you forgot the password for, and then click Reset Password. Type a new password in both the New password and the Confirm new password boxes, and then click OK. Method 4: Use software program like Windows Password Recovery Basic.Opracker

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