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It usually depends on the type of crowding you have. Not how crowded your teeth are. The best thing is to go get a consultation from frin a few different Orthodontists. They will know better by looking at your teeth what can be done, what is the best way to go and how much it will cost you.

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Q: Is it possible for patients with more serious case of tooth crowding and crooking to use Invisalign?
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Invisalign with missing tooth?

Yes it is possible to get Invisalign with a missing tooth. In some cases, you can also put a fake tooth in the place of the missing tooth.

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Can you get your braces off and get invisalign?

It possible to do that. You would start over as far as fitting, etc. and you would have to pay to have the braces removed. But it depends on the specific issues with your mouth as to whether invisalign or traditional braces are better. If you have issues with your bite, you may have to keep braces.

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If you plan to go for the Invisalign treatment for your crooked or widened teeth, you should read about the Invisalign before and after stories. Here are the top before and after stories, you must pay attention to: Fixing of the crooked teeth Crooked teeth look mismatched. They can ruin your smile and hamper your self-confidence. However, with the best Invisalign San Diego alternatives, you can get the smile you deserve back. You won’t need to depend on the traditional braces anymore. People won’t even notice you wearing Invisalign. Therefore, there will be no embarrassment when you are in public. The dentists simply take the mold measurement of your denture. Then, the custom Invisalign is made. In no time, you will get the most stunning denture with fixed teeth. No more Madonna Gap Usually, people have this large gap between their two teeth in the front. It looks funny and insulting both. Though, this Madonna Gap is quite common in people. Most might have because of hereditary Madonna Gap cases in the family. So, this is one of the before-and-after cases you can read in the Invisalign reviews online. The most reliable Invisalign can help straighten the gap between these two front teeth. Madonna herself might have refused to fill the gap, despite her fame, but most of us are still embarrassed about it. So, the best way to get done with it by using the Invisalign. It helps to reduce the unnecessary gap between the aforesaid front teeth. Bridging of the entire denture together You might have a case where you have a large gap between multiple teeth in your denture. This can be due to the mismatched size of the teeth and the jaw. It can leave you embarrassed and make you a victim of self-loathe in no time. But, with the right type of Invisalign San Diego treatment, you can get better pretty soon. You have to consult the right dentist in San Diego, famous for the Invisalign services or treatments. Within a few weeks, you can easily see your denture coming into place. The gap between multiple teeth will be reduced drastically. This has actually happened to many patients using Invisalign. You can easily read their Invisalign before and after stories online whenever you have time before deciding to go for the Invisalign treatment. Eliminating the existing overbites That’s another story covered by the Invisalign reviews you can read on the internet. Overbites are another common case with patients who have large front teeth. Their teeth look like those of vamps or a rabbit, leaving them to feel bad about their denture. But with the Invisalign, this can be remodified. The Invisalign helps to reshape your front teeth as much as possible and keep them in line with the entire denture. Conclusion: Mesa Dental is the site where you can consult the dentist in San Diego for reliable Invisalign treatment.

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