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nope. they would have to download the movie that you are sharing themselves, and then watch it. if you dont want to share a file, then either just move it out of the Limewire shares directory or there should be a button inside limewire that lets you choose if you want to share a file or not.

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OF COARSE!Cops just don't sit around they take action to illegal things. If you know someone who has downloaded Limewire to their computer make sure they uninstall and delete it. For the safety of you and your frinds DONT INSTALL IT!

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If LimeWire is not connecting the advice from LimeWIre is: 1. Delete all versions of LimeWire, and delete your preferences directory (/Users/username/Library/Preferences/LimeWire). Delete the "install limewire" receipt from the "Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts" folder. 2. Delete all LimeWire aliases and installers from your desktop and Dock. 3. Restart your computer. 4. Redownload LimeWire You may also need to configure your Firewall settings to allow LimeWire to connect through the Firewall.

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It's possible that you are; in any event you are on shaky ground. You may be helping this person to profit from the sale of someone else's property.

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It's not possible for what i know. You may need to try asking someone else as i have absoutely no idea. For what i know so far after having limewire for about 2 years i do not think there is a way to download a whole album. You must know limewire is free so you can't really expect to be able to download the whole album. If you would like the whole album try using a thing called "ITUNES" Cause that will help. =]

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