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Q: Is it possible for someone whose license has been permanently suspended to still keep car insurance and registration so others may drive the car?
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Do you need a license to get insurance?

In general you need a license to get insurance for your car, but if yours has been suspended it is still possible to get insurance by selecting a primary driver, such as your spouse.

Is it possible to renew vehicle registration with the texas online website?

It is possible to renew your vehicle registration with the Texas online website. You have to live within certain counties though to do it and you have to have a credit card and your insurance card in front of you when you renew your registration online.

Do you legally have to have car insurance?

If I remember correctly, most if not all states require some form of insurance. In most cases only liability is required to satisfy the minimum financial responsibility requirement for a state. The consequences of driving without insurance can be severe. In some states if you are pulled over or have an accident (at fault or not), you can have your license suspensed/revoked, your vehicle registration suspended (you wouldn't be able to renew your tags), among other possible punishments.

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yes it is possible

For a powerboat to comply with the law apart from a registration number what else is required?

That depends on the country/state in which you live. However possible additions to a registration number could be insurance, a working marine radio, a certificate of seaworthiness, a licence, and a certified captain.

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Is it possible to do online registration renewal of karnataka nursing council?

registration renewal karnataka nursing

Is it possible to work in delhi with kerala nursing council registration?

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What is the possible penalty for driving an automobile without liability insurance jail or fine?

Could be a fine, or suspension of your driver's license. In Pennsylvania, they can suspend your car's registration, and/or tow the car away

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How can you insure a car you own so your son can drive it you have a suspended license?

Generally, I would say this is most likely not possible. Vehicle insurance policies actually financially protect the vehicle OWNER(s) not the 'driver.' Of course, an owner's insurance covers someone that the owner(s) have permitted to use the vehicle. However, as you are the owner and have a suspended license, it is unlikely that any carrier will issue a policy to you.

What happens after your second DUI in California?

Your license is suspended for 1-3 years, you are probably going to have to get an Interlock device, and possible jail time, not to mention the other expenses of court and increased insurance.

Is it possible to get your license in another state even if suspended?


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Can an insurance company legally place a lien on someone's drivers license?

It is not possible to put a lien on a person's driver's license in any state. A driver's license can be suspended or revoked but only for traffic violations.

If your license is suspended in opne state is it possible to get one in another?


Is it possible for women to get affordable car insurance?

It is possible for women to get affordable car insurance. I think it is cheaper for a woman to get car insurance than it is for a man to get car insurance as a matter of fact. Contacting an insurance company for quotes will help you.

Is it possible to get free car insurance?

It is not possible to obtain free car insurance in the United States. It may be possible to obtain free car insurance in another country, however. This is mostly out of the question, I'm afraid.

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Not carrying car insurance in Missouri?

There are three possible penalties for being caught without car insurance in Missouri. First, you get four "points" (you need a total of eight points within an eighteen month period to have your license suspended). Second, there could be an order of supervision entered by the court. This means you're being monitored by the police to make sure you have gotten insurance. Third, your license could be outright suspended. It is illegal to drive in Missouri without car insurance and you have to be able to show a law enforcement official proof of your insurance if he/she requests to see it. For more information on car insurance in Missouri you can visit the Missouri Department of Revenue at

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Where is it possible to search for car insurance quotes?

one of the good way to find a cheap car insurance quotes just in you can compare polices based on price and cover lever.

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