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Absolutely, yes. Independent of you climaxing, if your boyfriend ejaculated in you, you can most certainly get pregnant.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-30 22:02:18
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Q: Is it possible for you to get pregnant if your boyfriend and you came at the same time or if he came in you?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant if your boyfriend pulled out before he came?

The same chances as if he hadn''s called pre-ejaculation.

Is it possible to be pregnant and have PID at the same time?

It is possible to be pregnant and have PID at the same time.

Is it possible that you can be pregnant and menstruate at the same time?

I had three period when I was pregnant with my first so it is possible but very rare! :-)

Is it possible to be pregnant and have your period at the same time?


Is it possible to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex the same day?


Is it possible to get pregnant while you used nur-isterate and condom at the same time?

No it is not possible..........

Is it possible for your male to get both your mice pregnant in the same week?

Yes! It's also possible for him to get a mouse pregnant just after she gives birth too.

Can you be pregnant when your boyfriend semen went up your vagina on the same day your pariod stopped?

If you have unprotected sex, there is always a chance you could be pregnant.

Can you nget pregnant twice at the same time?

It is possible to get pregnant with twins if two sperm fertilize two eggs at the same time. This results in fraternal twins.

What if you missed your birth control pill and he came inside of you in the same week?

you become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant while on your period and making out with my boyfriend?

Ignore that first answer. You CAN get pregnant on your period... but not while making out, unless you're having sex at the same time. Just making out can't get you pregnant at all.

You are four days late getting your period three weeks ago your boyfriend came in his pants then afterwards you took his pants off and rubbed yourself on the same place he just came at am i pregnant?

if your underware was off then possibly, it could just be stress .[just to be certain that your not, take a test]

Girl touched the tip of her boyfriend at pre -ejaculation then washed her vagina with the same hand can she be pregnant?

No. The odds of getting pregnant by that method are really really low.

How sex is possible when girl is pregnant?

Same as when she isn't, just don't hurter belly

Is it possible to study Law and be pregnant at the same time. I live in NZ?

Of course.

Can you be pregnant with a baterial infection?

You can be pregnant and have a bacterial infection at the same time. It is highly advisable, however, to seek treatment for the infect as soon as possible.

Is it possible to spot 2 months in a row on the same dates as your period and still be pregnant?

Yes it is.

What are the chances of you getting pregnant if your boyfriend is a heavy smoker drinker and pothead?

The same as anyone else's. If you do not wish to become pregnant always use a condom and/or a reliable form of birth control.

Could you be pregnant if you've been using birth control and you get your period on the same day every month but this month it came on a different day?

No you wont be pregnant.

You had a miscarriage oct 10th and a d and c the same day is it possible that you still might be pregnant?

The chance to still be pregnant after a D&C is very slim but you can however be pregnant again.

What does it mean for me and me boyfriend to both dream that I'm pregnant on the same night?

Just a co-ink-e-dink (well did you have the nasty)

Can you still get pregnant by your boyfriend cames out in me in crampin in the same time?

If he has been inside you without protection there is a risk for pregnancy, even if he does not ejaculate in you.

Can you have what seems like a period and is the same flow as your normal period but be pregnant?

Yes it's possible, but not common.

Is it possible to get pregnant without gallbladder?

Since the gall bladder is not involved, the possibilities are the same with or without one.

If you are on birth control and take it everyday at the same time for two months and he came inside of you without a condom on could you get pregnant?

yes, but it is very unlikely that you will become pregnant