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Hi, Yes it is possible. One of the early pregnancy symptoms is feeling bloated. This can cause your tummy to swell or to look plumper similar to when you're expecting a period. Hope this has helped some. :-)

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Q: Is it possible for your abdomen to be enlarged before the HCG level is high enough to give a positive test?
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No, that's not possible.

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Can your abdomen become enlarged before the hcg level is high enough to give a positive test result?

No hcg is one of the first things that indicate that you are pregnant...there will be no visible signs that you are pregnant until at least 3-4 months depending on the build of your body the only way to really be sure that your pregnant is to take a test or go to your doctor for a blood test Hope everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!

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No that will not affect your results. It is also possible to test positive for pregnancy before your first period is missed.

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Yes i certainly got a positive exactly 13 days after sex no other possible time before i couldve gotten pregnant

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Could you be pregnant if you're a week late and you're on Microgestin but 3 pregnancy tests were negative?

It is possible... Believe me I'm 8 months pregnant and it happened to me... I took 5 tests in a 2 week period of time before I got a for sure positive... The first 2 I took were negative... The 3rd I took showed the positive line but not the other... So I figured it was a faulty one... The next one I took did the same thing.... And finally the fifth one I took was positive. I was 2 1/2 weeks late before I got that positive... So I went to the Doctor to be 100% sure.. And I got a positive there too. So yes its possible.

Why do you get a pain on your lower right abdomen 2 weeks before your period?

It can be caused by mittelschmertz, which is pain from ovulation.

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Where does your stomach hurt before your period?

The organ, the stomach, sits in the upper abdomen mid-center. The abdomen includes everything from ribs to pelvis. So your abdomen---not your "stomach"--may have pain or discomfort on either side right above the pelvic bone. This is where your ovaries sit on each side of the uterus.