Is it possible that a bomb could destroy all human life on the planet?

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Yes, nuclear bombs can destroy most if not all human, animal, and plant life, and contaminate water supplies.
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What planets could humans live on?

Humans require access to the following things: a food supply, liquid water, and an atmosphere of sufficient density containing oxygen to breathe. And we can function in continuous gravity up to about twice that of Earth's. As such, we could theoretically colonize the Moon and Mars within the next ( Full Answer )

How many destroy all humans were there?

There is a total of 4 games in the series, Destroy allHumans 1 and Destroy all Humans 2 plusthe two side games Destroy All Humans! Big WillyUnleashed and Destroy All Humans! Path of theFuron .

Is life possible on planet Neptune?

No. It is impossible for anything to survive on Neptune for the following reasons: . Neptune is freezing. Too freezing to support life . There is very little sunlight, which means plants can't grow. No plants means no breathable air or food . Neptune is a gas giant. Meaning it has no solid surf ( Full Answer )

What are the guns in destroy all humans?

Destroy All Humans!: Zap-O-matic Disentigrator ray Ion Detonator Anal Probe Destroy All Humans! 2: Disentigrator Ray Discolator Zap-Omatic Ion Detonator Anal Probe Meteor Strike Gastro Pod Burrow Beast Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed: Zap-Omatic Disentigrato ( Full Answer )

Could the sun expand and destroy all the planets?

There is no question that the sun will expand and destroy at least the inner planets. How large it will actually get and how many of the other planets it will actually "destroy" is still being kicked around. Certainly the earth - or at least its orbit (because the earth will be burned to nothing b ( Full Answer )

Is destroy all humans on GameCube?

Theirs no Destroy All Humans! on Gamecube. Only on PS2 and Xbox(Destroy All Humans! and Destroy All Humans! 2), on Wii is Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed, and for the last series is Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon on PS3 and Xbox 360 at Europe, but at USA only on Xbox 360.

Cheats for destroy all humans?

amo-a-pleatny :left circle r2 right r1 squar. aware like a fox right square r2 r1 right r2

How much could an atomic bomb destroy?

That depends on many variables, including: . yield . burst height/depth . burst slant range . weather . terrain . if burst is subsurface, the material around burst (dirt, water, rock, concrete, etc.) . construction of buildings in the area . population in the area . etc. etc. etc. Th ( Full Answer )

How many destroy all humans are there?

There are four that I know of. Destroy All Humans and Destroy All Humans 2, one on the Wii called Big Willy Unleashed, and the last one, Path of the Furon.

Why is life on planet Earth possible?

Without any one or more of the following items, life on Earth would shrivel and disappear:. -- atmosphere containing free oxygen. -- ozone layer in the atmosphere. -- liquid water. -- temperature which:. > is near the triple point of water. > is amenable to the molecular chemistry of life. ==> ( Full Answer )

Why is life not possible in some planets?

Planets closer to the Sun than Earth are too hot to support life and planets further out are too cold. Some planets can not bear life because they are too close or too far form their mother star or stars. Some of them are too gaseous, others are too hot or too cold, and others do not have atmosph ( Full Answer )

What planets could humans move to?

Humans do not have the tecnology to move and survive on any planet at this time. However in the coming future we may be able to go to Mars. sorry no we cannot go to mars it is close to the sun we might live or god will give us a planet where we could live like earth.

Will there be a fourth destroy all humans?

probably not cause the last few games came out two yrs apart from each other dah 1 came out in 2005 on June 21 dah 2 came out october 16 2006 the second one came out in 2008 on November 26. Its been 3 yrs science the last one so maybe

What are all the possibilities to improve human life?

"all"? Here are some: Eat right and exercise regularly. Provide for yourself through honest labor. Read and continue to educate yourself. Attend services at a church or social outreach center. Take a mate and raise a family. Do not do anything to others that you wouldn't want to be do ( Full Answer )

Is there swearing in destroy all humans?

Yes, but not much. The a word is used a few times and I think that is about it. Most of the bad language is a LOT of sexual talk, mostly Pox (your leader) talking about his big willy. (double on tondras)

Could an atomic bomb destroy the earth?

A single bomb could not really destroy the planet, unless it was imedded deep within the core of the earth but it would have to be so much more massive than anything we've ever come close to creating. A bomb (much smaller then the earth destroying one, but still on the magniture of millions of time ( Full Answer )

Is life possible on planet Venus'?

For humans to live on Venus would require floating cities or massive bunkers. Almost all water and oxygen would have to be brought there, as very little exists in usable forms. Theories to terraform Venus would require energy sources, materials, or technologies beyond those available in the foresee ( Full Answer )

Who as the nuclear bomb that can destroy the human race?

Nobody has a bomb big enough to destroy the earth. The problem is, if one person detonates a nuke, there will be retaliation by other countries. This will lead to nuclear war, and ultimately the extinction of the human race and most other species of animals.

Why life is not possible in Mercury the planet?

The planet is rock. You life cannot exist inside rock (to be sure in the cracks and fissures of rocks on Earth there is some life... but, see below). Life probably does not exist on Mercury because of the lack of atmosphere and the proximity to the Sun makes for extremes of temperature that no kn ( Full Answer )

Is robotics destroying human life?

Yes robots will eventually destroy human life because in 2038 it will be them making the decision to choose what to do they can harm us or love us

Do you believe that it could be similar Human life on other planets?

No. I personally feel very strongly that the only planet that can support the HUMAN life is the Earth.Other planets may support other types of life but not the HUMAN life. By science, there's no evidence that any of them can support it. more importantly , when reading many verses of the holy Qur ( Full Answer )

Is it possible far in the galaxy there could be another planet like planet earth with human life on it?

Yes. However the chances that it will look exactly like human life are slim, but the chances of there being a planet with beings living there of human-level intellect are quite high. This is mainly because the Universe is so very big, and the basic molecules (e.g. amino acids) required for life have ( Full Answer )

How are humans destroying the planet and the environment?

Humans are not destroying the planet or the environment. It is doubtful they would be able to destroy the planet. It is certain they are having an impact on the present environment which is significantly different to destroying it. Environments are changed. They always have been. The reason why ( Full Answer )

Is life on another planet possible?

Yes. There are places on Mars and inside the moons of Jupiter where bacterial life from Earth could survive.

What planet could you possibly live on?

The Best answer is mars but the atmosphere is to low to have much oxygen to breath on mars. I could live on any planet where the surface gravity isn't too great ... as long as I could take along with me air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, shielding from cosmic radiation, a means of m ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for an asteroid to destroy a planet?

Yes a an asteroid can destroy a planet, although it is veryunlikely. A large enough asteroid, moving in a path which strikesthe planet at right angles, could generate strong enough shockwaves to disrupt the planets core, causing it to break up. What ismore likely is that the impact will alter the pl ( Full Answer )

How can a nuclear bomb destroy life?

There are three main methods a nuclear bomb can destroy life. Thesethree methods have major differences that set them apart in termsof the speed and extent of their effects. 1. The explosion The most obvious way a nuclear bomb can kill is by the explosion itcreates. This explosion and the related sh ( Full Answer )

Is there a bomb that could destroy the world?

Not at the moment, because no nation would benefit from such an outcome. Their is no reason why we can't build a hydrogen bomb with that much power, so someday somebody probably will. A hydrogen bomb of that set off on the surface of the earth will have a large chunk of it's energy blasted off int ( Full Answer )

Is human life possible on planet jupiter?

No, because there is no surface to Jupiter, it is a gaseous planet with nowhere to land a spacecraft. Temperatures and pressure on Jupiter are also very extreme.

Is life possible on the planet Mars?

It could since they found proof of water being there, and also the sun is expanding(very slowley). One day soon it might have life.

Where I could dowloald destroy all humans?

If it's not available for purchase off Steam or Origin, your own choice is to buy a physical copy off the internet or use torrents, which are illegal. It's recommended you just buy a physical copy, considering Destroy All Humans can be obtained rather cheaply these days.

Is life possible in this planet?

On the surface of this planet? Yes. In this planet, like inside the molten hot pressurized iron/magma core? Uh no.