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Yes. But obviously you wont die. If your allergic to 316L surgical steel then try 316LVM surgical steel and if you still have a reaction try titanium. Metals such as gold and silver have nickel in them. If you have gold or silver in then try one of the ones i listed. You shouldn't react to titanium. If you have an extreme nickel allergy than you'll just have to use titanium. It's a little more expensive but it's worth it so that you wont have painful little bumps behind your ear that wont go away

Platinum, Palladium and yellow gold are nickel free naturally. High quality body jewelry companies like TummyToys and LaRoi use Nickel free silver and white gold. These metals are safe to wear and if you get a high quality piece of jewelry it will not have sharp threads that drag through your piercing and irritate if the ball is not tightly screwed down. The TummyToy clasp snaps into place and has a return policy.

Beware of what you buy and where you buy it. Professionals use body jewellery from manufacturers who have there jewellery tested for nickle release (which is a legal requirement in EU countries) Firms like The Wildcat Collection have all there testing and certification available for your inspection online.

Not all gold is created the same: 9ct gold body jewellery can seriously affect your health. 9ct gold (735 gold) is only 37.5% gold and 62% impure alloying metal. Anecdotal, empirical and clinical evidence indicates biological rejection of this low grade of material. Dental experts have recently published clinical data confirming that the corrosion resistance of gold alloy decreases significantly as the gold content is reduced. Low gold alloys corrode significantly and release metallic ions directly into the body tissues, contaminating the wearer. Dental gold is regulated by ISO 1562, stipulated specific alloying elements. 9ct gold does not meet these criteria and is not considered suitable for implantation. Beware of suppliers offering 9ct gold body jewellery; it may permanently have an adverse effect on your health.

Body jewellery components (shafts and rings) should be manufactured from tested bio compatible materials only IE 316LVM, Implantanium, Titanium, Implant Grade Surgical Stainless Steel. The material entering and exiting or implanted in the piercing should never be materials like Silver and low grade Gold* ( *no less than 18ct with non reactive alloys) Steel, Copper or Nickle plated materials. Sterling Silver designed jewellery is fine so long as the material implanted in the piercing is not silver or silver alloy. Silver and Sterling silver oxidize and this silver oxide can darken and permanently stain the tissue and piercing.

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Q: Is it possible to be allergic to a metal if its only intended purpose is internal such as an ear piercing?
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