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yes its possible u can fall in love at any age after u start your puberty.

Definitely. I think that if you understand the meaning of love -and can recognize the differences between love, lust, and infatuation- and you know that you love this person, then you love the person. I think it's totally possible. I believe myself to be in love with this guy I am dating right now and I am 14. I don't know if it's "true love" or anything like that but I definitely have feelings for this person that are much deeper than a crush.

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Q: Is it possible to be in love at age 14?
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Is it possible to be dylexic at age 14?

Yeah but you can't get it at age 14

Is it possible to be in love at the age of 16?

of course there is no age limit for love

Is it possible to be in love at the age of 12?

Yes It Is Possible To Be In Love When You Have Reached Puberty!!:D

Is it possible to love a guy at age 11?

yes.Because love is blind it is no harm to love at the age of 11.

When will your breasts get bigger at age 14?

It is possible.

Is it possible to shrink at 14 years of age?

No it is not

Is love possible at the age of 15?

I believe that love is possible at ANY age (12+) If you feel strong enough feelings for this person...then it is love:) Sam W. Ontario, Canada

What is the minimum age to be in the Olympics?

The minimum possible age to be in the Olympics is 14. You have to turn 14 by the time the games start.

Is it possible for a 14 year old girl to fall in love?

Yes people have been known to even marry people that they met at that age and before.

Is it possible to fall in love at the age of 13?


Is it possible to be in true love at 14?

Yes of course. if ur in love u will know it.

Is it possible to be in love with a 10 year old at age 11?

No. At age 11 you are too young to be in love and you are just learning about who you are.

I think I love this guy but im only 10 is it possible to have true love at my age?

You can have true love at any age That's my question too No.

Is it possible that a teenage to be in love with more than of his age?

Of course! Anything is possible when it comes to love! Especially when the person is older, it seems...

I am 14 and I have a girlfriend who I love so much I think she is the one is this possible at such a young age?

of course you're too young! you need to have intercourse before you know who is the one

Is 14 still a possible age to compete in ice skating?


Can a 17 year old and a 14 year old fall in love?

yes, age is but a number, if your in love with someone you will know. your age does NOT matter.

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Can you fall in love at the age 14?

Yes. You can, but it will all change when you get older.

At 14 can you fall in love?

Of course you can. You can fall in love at the age of 2. But don't confuse love with infatuation. That will get you in the long run.

Can someone fall in love at 14 years old?

yes i believe some people at the age 14 can fall in love. They just need to know that if its love or lust first.

Can you be a fashion designer at 14 years of age?

Yes, it is possible to be a fashion designer at the age of 14. Many designers wait until they are in Gr. 10 and up, possibly in college or university, to start a business on fashion design because that way, they have more experience and knowledge. Of course you can start designing at the age of 14, you've just got to make others love what you designed.

Is it possible to find true love after the age of 40?

Yes, true love knows no bounds (limits)

I am mature for my age can i be in love?

Love is being able to let someone go. Love is patient, kind and selfless. It is possible at a young age but it also hard. Love is ultimately a choice on both sides.

Can an 14 year old be in love with an 18 year old?

yes, its possible. you can love anyone. its how your heart feels. you cant control love.