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It is possible to have a small amount of bleeding each month and still be pregnant, but it would be unusual to have that combined with negative pregnancy tests as well. I'd say you wouldn't be pregnant.

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Very, very early in the pregnancy, this is possible. If it's been more than a couple of weeks and they're still saying negative, you're not pregnant; you may have BEEN pregnant, but you aren't any more.

It's possible. Depends on whether or not you took the tests too soon. You should wait a couple of weeks past your missed period before testing.

You may have just caught the pregnancy really early. test again in a couple days.

If the pregnancy test came out negative, then chances are, you aren't pregnant. Pregnancy tests are very acurate. You may also be missing your period because of stress or you worrying to much about he fact of being pregnant. If you are still worried about being pregnant wait another couple of weeks, and take another pregnancy test. Hope everything turns out as planned.

yes you could still be pregnant. My first pregnancy test cam back negative too...and I WAS pregnant! Call your Dr. and have them give you one. or take another one in a couple of weeks if you don't start your period.

Yes! It is very possible to have a false negative pregnancy test. I would test again after a couple of days. However, you might just be late, so don't get your hopes up too high.

Although most pregnancy tests are quite reliable nowadays, it's always possible that the result is incorrect. To have more certainty, repeat the test a couple of times and if possible, with another brand of pregnancy test, if all these tests give a negative result, it's very probable (I would say 99%) that the person is not pregnant, but to be 100% sure, you can always pay a visit to a doctor or so.

It's possible. Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant.

hi there, I'm just wondering why you would presume your pregnant if the tests are negative ? are there signs of pregnancy ? there are different and better times to take a test like first thing in the morning or a couple of days after your late period ! if your doc confirms the negative test then I'm afraid its a no chick xx

Yes, it is possible. You can take an at home pregnancy test to see if you are (however they are not always accurate). Most importantly you should see an OBGYN to be sure and to rule out any complications.

Yes, it is possible. That is roughly when ovulation occurs. So if you have sex within a couple days on either side of your ovulation, pregnancy is quite possible.

I believe so. I have been pregnant a couple twice and both times at home PT says negative but I go to the doctor the next day and have a posstivee test there.

It can be a possible that you are taking the test too early. You should wait a couple of days and take another test. Also, there are some women who have very low HCG lvls in there urine, for the first couple of weeks, which causes the HCG in the urice to go undetected. An easy solution to this would be to get a pregnancy test via blood. Good Luck.

pregnancy tests can give false positives and false negatives, meaning, they screw up too. so take a couple of pregnancy tests then see a doctor. yes My sister's friend had her period the whole time she was pregnant.

Yes.Home pregnancy tests rely on HCG levels in your urine. HCG is only something that pregnant women produce and the levels approximately double each day in early pregnancy.Therefore it is possible that your levels are not high enough to register yet. Wait a couple of days and re-test.AnswerHello. Yes, it is possible if it was a home pregnancy test. If it was a blood test that was negative, then you definitely aren't pregnant. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test. This is a highly accurate way of finding out if you're pregnant.AnswerYes.I have a 4 year old son that I got negative results with everything even blood. I had every doctor tell me that I wasn't. I went through my first trimester without ever knowing I was and should have just listened to my body. I now have a doctor that has told me that she delivered a baby for a lady that also had doctors telling her that she wasn't. It's not fun but yes it is possible.

Yes, it is possible to still be pregnant. Wait another couple of days and take another one. If you are still late and the tests are negative, go see a doctor. But I am normally a very regular person and I was a week late the last two months. So it is possible to be late and not be pregnant.

Yes, it is possible. Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. It is possible that it could be implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterine wall.

No. But you can go to the doctor and get a blood test done. They are more accurate than the home tests. Good luck:) You COULD be pregnant if you are late but it is unlikely. Wait a couple days and if you are more than a month late go to your doctor for a blood test. If you are not pregnant you can find out if anything else is wrong. Hi, Not all missed periods are pregnancy related, but it is possible yes. You need to see your doctor for a blood test.

a couple of reasons 1) you may have tested to early before the fertlized egg implanted itself into the uterine lining and started producing pregnancy hormones. or.. 2) a faulty test.. they are not perfect! ~pawsalmighty

Well if you think you're pregnant and have already missed a couple periods go to the doctor or hospital and get antibiotics to clear up the bladder infection first then take a pregnancy test.

Yes. there are many reasons this could happen. 1) your hcg levels are highest in the morning 2) you didn't take the pregnancy test right, 3) the pregnancy test could have malfunctioned. these are just a few reasons. I would wait a couple of days and try again. Take the test first thing in the morning when you wake up, this is the easiest time for the pregnancy test to detect if you are pregnant or not.

A blood test may not show you are pregnant until a couple of weeks after conception so it may well show negative after 11 days.

You are not pregnant half an hour after sex! It takes a few days to actually get pregnant and you will have no symptoms for a couple of week at least. This is why the morning after pill is possible.

yes, the same thing has happened to me i took a couple of home pregnancy tests and all were negative but I still had symptoms of pregnancy so I went to the doctors and took a urine test and turns out I'm pregnant. good luck! Me too. My sister-in-law actually took 4 tests and all were negative. She gave birth to her 4th boy!

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