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Yes. Bleeding can come from "implantation bleeding". Negative test results can come from testing too soon. Wait to take a pregnancy test the day of a missed period.

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Q: Is it possible to be pregnant but still have bleeding and negative test results?
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Is it possible to be pregnant and have negative test results?


What do you do if pregnancy tests give different results?

It is likely that you are pregnant. It is possible to have false negative results, but unlikely to have a false positive.

Negative blood results and negative hpt?

This means you're definitely not pregnant.

Period 17 days late and still negative results can you be still pregnant?

It is possible, but unlikely. You should make an appointment to see your doctor.

Does menstrual bleeding affect the results of a pregnancy test?

yes because if your bleeding your more or likely not pregnant!! but not all the time!!

What do you mean by repeatedly negative pregnancy results?

What is meant by repeatedly negative pregnancy results is that the person is not pregnant. The person is not going to have a child at this time.

Who is pregnant in Doctor Who?

Amy Pond is and isn't pregnant. The Tardis scanner gave positive and negative results.

If you are always on a 28 day cycle but are five days late and get negative results from HPTs then begin bleeding that resembles a period is it possible that you are pregnant?

Most likely you are not pregnant. Although every woman is different, and some tests may not pick up your hormone level yet because possibly you aren't as far along as you think, if you are pregnant. See

What are four possible results of a gram stain?

The four possible results after Gram staining are Gram positive, Gram negative, Gram variable and Gram in-determinant.

Can you have no period and negative pregnancy results and still be pregnant?

The negative pregnancy test is the defining answer, regarding pregnancy - once your period is a week or so late - if you are pregnant, the hCG will be high enough to be detected.

Can you test to see if you're pregnant when you're having implantation bleeding?

You will most likely not get accurate results. You should wait at least fourteen days after intercourse do a pregnant test.

Can you test positive and test negative at the er?

It is possible to have inconclusive test results, but not to test both positive and negative at the same time.

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