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Of course it is.... just get yourself tested if you are worried

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Can you get pregary 7 days b4 a period?

If unprotected sex occurred between a heterosexual couple and the female is ovulating it is very possible to get pregnant....SO yes

If he cam in you a couple of times why aren't you pregnant?

Luck is a part of getting pregnant. It may happen the first time you have unprotected sex, it may not happen for years.

She had missed her period and then about a week later i put it in her a couple of times without condomand she still hasn't had her period. can she be pregnant?

In brief, yes she can be pregnant. Anytime you have unprotected sex, there is the possibility of pregnancy.

Is it possible to be pregnant and still have your period a couple of days early for a couple of months and get a negative pregnancy result and still be pregnant?

It is possible to have a small amount of bleeding each month and still be pregnant, but it would be unusual to have that combined with negative pregnancy tests as well. I'd say you wouldn't be pregnant.

Is it possible to conceive in a couple of days?

In order to conceive a baby you first need to Get pregnant... and after it will take up to 9 months it is impossible to conceive with in a couple of days of becoming pregnant...

If you have un-protected sex a couple days after you feel like somethings in your stomach could you be pregnant?

Any time you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant. I'd recommend getting a pregnancy test; call your doctor.

Can a women get pregnant after their period?

Oh yes! Most definutly. A couple days after your period is when you're most fertile. I didn't know that and I had unprotected sex one day after my period and now here I am 8 months pregnant:)

Could you be pregnant if you have never had sore nipples before and they have been really sore for four days and you do have unprotected sex with your husband?

The sore nipples are not half the indicator that "unprotected sex with husband" is. If you miss a period, wait a couple of weeks and take a pregnancy test.

What lead to the increasing of teen pregnancy?

The simple answer is - unprotected sex ! Couple that with a "I don't care if I get pregnant" attitude that most teenagers seem to have these days - and you have the perfect circumstances for teen pregnancy !

5 weeks after miscarriage at 15 weeks plus Pregnancy test?

Yes, it can take the hormones a couple of months to settle. unless you've had unprotected sex of course, then you could be pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant without showing any signs?

Yes,it is possible. However it is also rare. Most women realise that when they look back, they did have a couple of symptoms.

If you have symptoms of pregnancy but have not missed a period can you still be pregnant?

It's possible. Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant.

Is is possible to get pregnant a couple weeks before your period but still get your period that month?

Yes it is possible. Some women have that happen. If you haven't seen a doctor I would suggest you go as soon as possible.

What is the meaning of infertility?

Definition: Inability of a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse.

Can you get pregnant 4 months after sex?

No, sperm lives on in the body only for a few hours to a couple of days.This is not the same as discovering you are pregnant 4 months after sex: That is possible, although not common.

What should a teen couple do when pregnant?

I feel that if a teen couple gets pregnant they should do whats best for the child.

Is it possible to be pregnant even if you had your period?

It's possible ... some women do experience (usually relatively light) bleeding for a couple of months after conception. If you have any questions, you should see a physician.

Can a woman be pregnant two weeks after her period?

Yes, it is possible. That is roughly when ovulation occurs. So if you have sex within a couple days on either side of your ovulation, pregnancy is quite possible.

Ok so a few weeks ago I accidentally dropped one of my birth control pills down the drain. I then had my period on time but I had unprotected sex afterwards. What are the chances I am pregnant?

If you miss 1 or 2 days of taking your pill, there is a chance, albeit small, to get pregnant. You didnt specify when you had missed your pill in relation to when you had unprotected sex. If it was within a couple of days, chances are small, but you could become pregnant. If had unprotected sex several days(4 or 5) after missing a dosage(but immediately resumed normal dosing), you should be okay. Above all else, an HPT would be definitive.

Can you get pregnant right before your period and actually have your period?

The answer is yes. I have two children. The first one I got pregnant having unprotected sex the day after I was done for the month. The second one I got pregnant a couple days before I started, I still started, wasnt as heavy but other than that was a normal period and then spotted the second month as well.

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