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If you are taking antibiotics while on the pill they become less effective. So the chances of becoming pregnant are greater. But if you took a test and it was negative, you probably aren't. If you took it before you were late for your period, there is a chance that it wasn't accurate. You may not have been producing enough of the pregnancy hormone for the test to read. Wait until you are late, if you are, and take another test.

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Can you get pregnant if you are on birth control and have taken it correctly however are on antibiotics and the condom breaks and how likely is it?

It is possible that you could be pregnant

How long does it take to get pregnant if you take antibiotic if your on birth control?

Very few antibiotics affect birth control. If you want to get pregnant, stop using birth control.

How do you get pregnant if you are on birth control?

Some drugs or antibiotics can interfere with the way birth control pills work.

Can antibiotics make you pregnant?

Antibiotics can make birth control pills ineffective, but you cannot get pregnant JUST by taking them, you have to also have sex.

Can a man get a woman pregnant if he is taking antibiotics?

Yes, since antibiotics inhibit the growth of bacteria, and sperm is not bacteria. Also, if a woman is taking antibiotics AND a birth control pill, it can cause the birth control to become ineffective, letting her get pregnant.

Can you know if your pregnant before your period I was taking antibiotics with my Birth Control and i threw up 3days in a row. I really need to know.?

Antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of the pill. It is very possible to get pregnant while taking andtibiotics and birth control pills at the same time. See your doctor.

Can you get pregnant while on antibiotics?

yes. antibiotics are not birth control. they actually work to make your body stronger

If you have been off the birth control for two weeks and are on antibiotics can you get pregnant?

yes you can get pregnant but you have to be careful

If you are not on birth control and you are taking antibiotics can it still increase your risk of getting pregnant?

While a few antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills, they don't have any significant effect on whether or not you get pregnant if you are not on the pill.

Is there any way you get pregnant on the birth control shot if you were also taking antibiotics?

Antibiotics don't affect the depo like it affects birth control pills so you are protected.

Can you get pregnant while taking antibiotics?

Yes she can. Antibiotics do not prevent you from getting pregnant. They may have some affect on the effectiveness of various birth control pills.

What are the odds of getting pregnant if she uses birth control and you use a condom but are both on antibiotics?


Can an STD stop your birth control?

It is possible. Antibiotics which are used to treat some forms of STD's can definitely decrease the effectiveness of birth control.

Can antibiotics increase your chance of conceiving?

If one is on birth control antibiotics make them less effective thus increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

If a woman is on birth control but has also been on antibiotics is it possible that she can ovulate at a later date in her cycle?

If you're on birth control, you don't ovulate. That is the purpose of birth control. If you're on one of the few antibiotics that may affect how well birth control works, you may ovulate, but the date will be unpredictable.

Can you get pregnant during the last week of your pill packet wile on antibiotics?

Yes. Antibiotics effect birth control, this is how most pregnancies occur when woman are on the pill, by taking antibiotics.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you used a condom and birth control?

It is possible, but the chances are very low

Is it possible to remain on birth control not knowing your body is starting a pregnancy?

It's possible to be pregnant, on birth control, and not know it. If so, you'll just stop the birth control when the pregnancy is discovered.

Can you get pregnant if you taking anti-bodies while on birth control?

Antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of birth control. You should use a backup method like condoms.

Can i be pregnant if im on birth control?

Most birth control methods are very effective, but there is always a very slim chance of getting pregnant. For example, condoms can break, and the pills effectiveness can be lowered when taking antibiotics.

Do antibiotics affect the mesigyna birth control shot?

Antibiotics rarely affect the birth control pill in general.

Could i be pregnant if on birth control but didn't take correctly?

it is possible

Can you get pregnant if you have the essure birth control?

It's possible to get pregnant when using Essure, but it is not at all likely.

Is birth control effective at preventing pregnancy?

it is effective to a point..but not always. you can still get pregnant using birth control. its a big preventor of pregnancy but its still possible to get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you spotted during your cycle while on birth control?

Always possible, not likely but possible.