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Is it possible to become a genius?

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Depends how you define the word like always.

In my opinion however people are defined as 'genius' usually for what they do rather than what they are.

People can achieve far greater things than they realize, things sometimes that could give them such a high status as being referred to as a genius. So in that meaning of the word, where belief in oneself is the biggest factor, as it would be the asset which motivates you to such a position, I believe YES it is possible.

However if you consider genius to be some sort of child prodigy who has an IQ of 180 when they're age six, than no I DON'T, you just could not keep up or reach such a position as they could in such a short life, 1 in a billion says you could. However this version of the word might not ever materialize into anything more than brains, so you have to ask yourself 'really', why are you asking such an egotistic question? What your ego wants might not exactly be as real as what you yourself define as right.

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Does becoming a genius require suffering?

You can't become a genius, your born that way.

Is it possible for a genius to lack maturity?


Another name for computer genius?

A Nerd because you have to be a nerd to be on the computer all of the time to become a computer genius

How do you become a genius in one minute?

The first step is to learn that you cannot become a genius in one minute.You are either born a genius or you are not. If you are borderline, you can learn to improve your performance in tests which purport to measure intelligence and on which the categorisation of genius is based. However, just because you have a measured IQ greater than 140 does not prove that you are a genius, nor is the converse true.

Im an 11 year old and you need to be a Genius real fast any tips?

I'm an 11 year old and i have to find the fastest way to become a Genius. I use to be one but then my dream came true a Genius institute for children specializing in robotic engineering wanted me to join so i accepted and now I'm under pressure and forget everything, and I'm going to be in an commercial so i don't have a lot of time to study so i need the quickest and fastest way possible to become a genius again.

How do you jump credit score?

Suddenly become Jewish. And a genius.

When will you become a genius?

It depends on your definition of 'genius'. Usually it is someone who is exceptional or has well above average talent in a particular field or subject. By this definition not everyone can be a genius. What you can do is be the best you personally can be in your field.

How do you be a genius at everything?

You become a genius at everything when you know and understand every thing perfectly well more than anyone else.....

Will a straw tower hold 9 kg?

If you are a genius, yes it is possible.

How can you become a math genius?

You cannot become a mathematics genius. You can become good at it by working hard to understand the concepts and practice your mathematics. Depending on you age, the last could be number bonds, times tables or algebraic or trigonometric identities.

Is it possible to score an IQ of 165?

It is certainly possible to do so. That would be well above average and in the genius level.

Can you make a battery out of a banana?

it would be possible if you were a genius like albert einstein

Genius without education is like silver in the mine?

education is that element that carves out the talents in a man. it inculcates the potential in a person that can lead for him or her to become a genius.

Why did Leonardo da Vinci become a genius?

Some people are, some are not. There is no WHY or BECAUSE.

How can you become genius?

listen to an older adult and also do your best at all times

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No it is not possible to become Jesus in anyway.

Why are you not a genius?

are brain cant possibly hold all the info in the worldTo become a genius you must be determined to know the unknown and question how everything works around you :)

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Dislike yes, but to not appreciate the genius of the band is a travesty.

How do you become a genius?

You have to be born one. But reading can get you pretty far. It depends on your definition of 'genius'. Usually it is someone who is exceptional or has well above average talent in a particular field or subject. By this definition not everyone can be a genius. What you can do is be the best you personally can be in your field.

How did Benjamin Franklin become such a good writer?

He read. A lot. And he was a genius. That probably helped.

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You will know that you've become a Special Project Assistant when Stupid Little Genius notifies you.

How do you be a genuis in math in 1 hour?

You cannot become a genius at anything in one hour. You are either born with extraordinary ability and all that is required is for something to release that genius or you have to work at it.

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genius, genius, brillance, genius, genius..........

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get two dogs << Oh, wise one. How did you know? You're a genius!

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