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Is it possible to become a genius?

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2013-12-14 21:13:01

Depends how you define the word like always.

In my opinion however people are defined as 'genius' usually for

what they do rather than what they are.

People can achieve far greater things than they realize, things

sometimes that could give them such a high status as being referred

to as a genius. So in that meaning of the word, where belief in

oneself is the biggest factor, as it would be the asset which

motivates you to such a position, I believe YES it is possible.

However if you consider genius to be some sort of child prodigy

who has an IQ of 180 when they're age six, than no I DON'T, you

just could not keep up or reach such a position as they could in

such a short life, 1 in a billion says you could. However this

version of the word might not ever materialize into anything more

than brains, so you have to ask yourself 'really', why are you

asking such an egotistic question? What your ego wants might not

exactly be as real as what you yourself define as right.

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