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Is it possible to become an obstetrician and pediatrician?


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You can become both an obstetrician and a pediatrician, but you would have to complete two residency programs.


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No, a Pediatrician is a Doctor that treats illnesses in Children. An Obstetrician is a Doctor that delivers babies.

what training do you need to become an obstetrician? what training do you need to become an obstetrician?

You have to be licensed to become a pediatrician.

A medical degree, and a four year residency to become an obstetrician.

pediatricianTo like taking care of kids and get as much rest as possible. An MD with a specialty in Pediatrics.

musician electrician pediatrician magician obstetrician beautician politician statistician

Australian obstetrician William McBride and the German pediatrician Widukind Lenz .

coroner synonym : pathologist antonym : obstetrician, neonatal specialist, pediatrician

It doesn't matter if you attend an allopathic or osteopathic medical school. Both can become pediatricians and obstetricians. But if you want to become both, you would need to complete two residency programs.

Like a doctor, pediatrician, obstetrician, diagnostician, and the people who work in the emergency rooms.

The GPA is about a 3.6 abnd higher to become a pediatrician.

An OB/GYN makes more money then a Peditrician but they make almost around the same pay but an obdtetrician just makes a couple of hundreds more then a pediatrician but if you love kids pediatrician is the best job for you

Diagnosis of microtia is made by the obstetrician or pediatrician at the time of the child's birth.

probably but you have to go to college to be a pediatricianprobably but you have to go to college to be a pediatrician

No, you need an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) to be an Obstetrician/Gynecologist.

What courses do you take in universities to become a pediatrician?

In the U.S. you have to go through medical school first to become a pediatrician. So whatever the prerequisites are to get into med school are the prerequisites to become a pediatrician.

I want to know, what college classes are required at spelaman college to become a pediatrician

To become a pediatrician it takes a minimum of 11 years after the completion of high school.

In the US, a medical license is required to become a pediatrician.

Teachera pediatrician. neonatal nursetheres also these>>DoulaPediatric NursePediatricianMidwifeNeonatal NurseObstetricianRespiratory and Physical TherapistRegistered NursePractical Nurse:)

After college you must become a medical doctor, and then complete an accredited residency program to become a pediatrician.

Yes, both college and medical school are required to become a pediatrician.

In Memphis what is the best college to attend to be pediatrician

A pediatrician for example needs to have hand skills and communication skills.

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