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It's possible, but unlikely, to get pregnant on Depo Provera. After stopping Depo Provera, you can get pregnant before your next period starts.

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Q: Is it possible to become pregnant while or after depo without having a period?
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Is it possible to become pregnant without having a period?

no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

Is it possible to become pregnant 2 weeks after having a baby?


When is the least possible time to become pregnant?

When your not having sex. Really!

Could you be pregnant without having intercourse after menstruating?

Usually the way you become pregnant is by having intercourse, but it is possible to become pregnant if a man ejaculated, leaving semen in the area outside of your vagina. If your next menstrual cycle is late you should take a pregnancy test.

After missing your depo shot and having your period is it possible to become pregnant?


Can you become pregnant having adnexa?

Adnexa means the ovaries and tubes. Can't easily get pregnant without them!

Is it possible to get pregnant if you are having unprotected sex and he doesn't ejaculate semen in you?

Yes there is still a chance you could become pregnant

Could you get pregnant after having intercourse 5 days after starting birth control?

With or without protection you can still become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant without it going in all the way and having a condom that slips and not having your cherry popped?

It is very well possible.

Is it possible to get pregnant without sperm?

No. The only way to get pregnant is to be impregnated, and that means having a sperm cell fertilize your egg, or ovum.

Is it possible to have another baby after just having one 6 months ago?

It is possible to become pregnant after just having a baby six months ago, if that is what you are asking.

If you have protected sex and have your period one day later is it possible to be pregnant without having sex again?


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