Is it possible to buy a life insurance policy without a medical exam?


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Usually an exam is required, but depending on your age and the value of the policy, an exam may not be required.

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If you put medical insurance on the policy when the policy was purchased.

There are many Insurance Companies that will offer life insurance policies without a medical exam. However, the rates will most likely be higher than you would pay for a life insurance policy from an insurer requiring a physical exam.

If your motorcycle was a scheduled vehicle on your Insurance Policy then you should be covered. If you were on someone Else's Motorcycle then their insurance policy should cover your medical. If neither coverage is available then you could look to your major medical policy or HMO for medical coverage.

It is possible for a life insurance policy to be cashed but there will always be a loss for doing so if one is cashing in for the full amount. For some policies it is possible to withdraw accumulated interest from the policy with limited amounts allowed.

Generally, employer-supplied insurance will provide major medical. Check your policy or ask your HR representative about your specific policy.

No, an SR-22 is just a form that the insurance company sends to the state to notify them of the status of your insurance policy. It is an endorsement on your insurance policy. Hope this helps.

An insurance policy gives you peace of mind. If you get sick, the insurance policy will help make sure you are able to pay your medical bills.

What are the benefits of universal life insurance, and what are the possible drawbacks of this type of policy

When you get married, and either spouse has children, those children can be added to the policy. If you have a family plan, step children can also be added to a medical insurance policy.

The at fault drivers auto insurance policy would pay for medical bills up to the policy limits for which that insured driver is liable. If there is no insurance then there is no coverage. If no one has Auto Insurance to cover you, hopefully you have a major Medical Insurance Policy in place. Major medical will cover your medical expenses even from a car accident.

If you have a health insurance policy (Medical Insurance) it will pick up where your auto coverage left off.

A medical claim is the application for compensation against a health insurance policy or against another's liability insurance policy for the covered portion of a covered event.

"Some of the advantages of having a health insurance policy are that if one happens to get sick, they will be covered by their medical insurance. If one is not covered the costs for medical care can be detrimental."

Anyone can buy a life insurance policy on anyone, but the insurance company may request a medical examination of the person.

No. That's what your major medical insurance policy is for.

No. That's what your major medical insurance policy is for.

Technically, there is no difference between medical insurance and health insurance.Even they are called mediclaim insurance policy,leading to the same ocean !

You cannot. Policy number is mandatory for any formal transactions pertaining to an insurance policy. How would the insurance company know which policy you are referring to without the policy number? Talk to the insurance agent who helped you with the transfer. He should have a record of the transaction and the policy number as well.

A good place for a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is Cover Me. This firm is actually part of Manulife and has an extensive history and proven track record. They provide the insurance without requiring medical tests.

Disability Income insurance is not included in major medical. It is a completely different type of insurance.

Now a days there are many Insurance provider companies offering range of medical Insurance policies, like; individual health Insurance policy, family health Insurance policy, group health plans and others. HDFC ERGO is one of the leading health Insurance policy provider, you can check HDFC ERGO's health policies.

Not a life insurance policy....The insured party would be considered the policy owner therefore it could not be issued without their knowledge & consent.

Check your insurance policy. If you selected medical coverage when you purchased your policy. There is usually a small amount (about 500 dollars) of medical for the named insured that covers minor house hold injuries. Otherwise you would need to look to your health or major medical insurance policy for personal injuries.

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